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It is difficult to imagine the functioning of any boutique without mannequins. After all, they are effective tools for promoting the assortment. Choosing a model of mannequin to the specifics of your store, you gain not only a solution that perfectly displays clothing, but also a decoration that will diversify the interior of the store. So how to choose the right variant? It is worth paying attention to the style of clothes offered and the preferences of the target group. In stores selling underwear, t-shirts or jackets, torso mannequins will work best. We distinguish between male and female torso mannequins.

The men's torso mannequin perfectly presents clothes that would not look good on a hanger. Its big advantage is its light weight and therefore mobility. It is easy to dress it up, as well as move it to another place. However, this does not mean that it is not sturdy. The mannequin male torso made of fiberglass is characterized by its durability. As a result, it can serve for years. The high quality is also evidenced by the precision of workmanship.

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Men's mannequin - torso

Men's mannequin torso is available in several variants -1/3, 3/4, as well as in different hand layouts. We respond to the needs of customers, so we make both models in matte and glossy finishes. Thanks to such a wide variety, everyone can match the mannequin to the decor of the store, as well as the specifics of the offered assortment. This, in turn, will help attract the attention of the target group.

A men's torso mannequin can be placed on display to showcase clothes. Basic models fit casual, business and elegant clothing. Mannequins in white make colorful styles even more prominent, making customers notice them faster. The dimensions correspond to the standard M/L size, so they will be suitable for most clothes. As a result, the men's torso mannequin will find use in upscale boutiques, chain stores, second-hand stores and seasonal T-shirt stands. Using it to promote clothes should help sales and make it easier for customers to choose styles.

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  • 100-LM4

    100-LM4 Mannequin torso white matte

    Products can be displayed in shops and boutiques with men's clothing either on a full-figure mannequin or by using a male body mannequin clothes display. The latter is great for selling upper body garments - sweatshirts, t-shirts, shirts etc. It focuses the audience's attention on what is important and allows the product's strengths to be presented in the...

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  • 100-LM7
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    100-LM7 Torso male mannequin

    Arranging a fashion shop requires choosing the right accessories on which to display products. The white male mannequin torso UK 100-LM7 is perfect for shops, showrooms, boutiques or designer studios. It is a product created from fibreglass - a strong and resistant material that can be shaped, coloured and finished as desired (matte, gloss). The figure...

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  • 100-SM4

    100-SM4 Headless male mannequin torso

    Introducing mannequin body stand for sale, an indispensable item of clothing shop equipment. It is not the only option - those arranging shop interiors, showrooms or boutiques also like to choose headless mannequins, which enable the upper garments to be properly presented. Such a mannequin, in a simple, uncomplicated pose, has its arms naturally lowered...

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items