We Need MORE Space

MORE Mannequins at Gdynia Design Days – an annual festival in Poland, focused on the newest trends and best design practices. The event is taking place from 6 to 11 July 2019 and it’s a great source of inspiration for all types of creative workers. Learn more at the official GDD website. 

Our mannequins had the honour to be part of “We Need More Space” exposition, dedicated to showing the work and achievements of Polish Space Agency. The scientists from Poland work on software, suborbitals rockets, radiation, but also – equipment for astronauts.

And this is where our mannequins were helpful: they presented two space suits created by Aleksander Waśniowski (project) and Katarzyna Szkibie (cutting, sewing). EVA and PUMA-1 Protective Universal Modular Armour are spacesuit models dedicated to simulating walking on Mars. They have specialistic layers including: sensors measuring the astronaut’s health, thermal layer designed for keeping the right body temperature, pressure equalizing layer and a protective, anti-microasteroid layer in navy blue – the only colour that doesn’t exist in Mars naturally and is highly visible in places with limited visibility. For more cosmic information go to Weneedmorespace.com.

Photography: Marta Flisakowska, Dariusz Dyr


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