Custom-made mannequins

This is a personalized mannequin set, created exclusively for one of our clients.
The models are semi-abstract mannequins with egg-heads and delicate ear-lines. The silhouettes are young, age 21 plus. The head is movable and rotatable.

The mannequins have raw fiberglass elements, which are semi-transparent. They can immitate ice or glass, and give great opportunities for experimenting with light, which shines through the material. Glass mannequins also give the impression of lightness – not only metaphorically – they are also much lighter than the standard mannequins. The futuristic, armour-like graphite materials on torsos, necks and heads are sewn by hand.

Custom-made mannequins definie unique shop windows and present your collections in an original way. We design individual models according to your needs, we also provide ideas and inspirations for your brand-exclusive mannequins. For more info please contact:


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