Old Modern Kids

Discover the kids edition of OLD MODERN – a collection, which is all about the new understanding of VINTAGE style. 

Old Modern Kids just as their adult models, are abstract mannequins made of variety of materials: torso is covered with natural cotton, the legs are from fiber-glass, the arms are from real and the head is made of wire. 

The collection is a combination of past and present: the silhouettes are modern, but the finishing is inspired by the vintage trend. The arms are adjustable and can be arranged in any way you want. The collection is designed for modern, casual clothing lines for children, especially for brands which have family collections for both adults and children – the Old Modern + Old Modern Kids is then the best solution. Click  here for details.

The kids mannequins have three different heights (aged 9-13) and are easy to arrange both with their adult models as well to other examples of KIDS collection.

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