Meet our #EUROSHOPteam | Part 1

Małgorzata: We have been preparing for EUROSHOP for a year now. This is our first time at the fair and we all know how important the first impression is. I am responsible for the overall idea and appearance of both the presented collections and the stand in Düsseldorf – this is a great challenge but also an opportunity to fully realise our vision. The main task is to piece together all parts of the puzzle – the work of the sculpturer and painter, the subcontractor responsible for the construction, the graphic designer’s work as well as the marketing specialist… I also personally choose all the colours and materials, so it’s a lot of responsibility. However, I love what I do and hopefully this passion will be visible in our exhibition in February. See you soon!

Agata: Our first EUROSHOP – the most important retail trade fair in the world – is a very important event for MORE Mannequins. That is why I created a communication plan with Małgorzata, which is visually consistent with her display project idea. “Get in touch” is the campaign’s main title because the trade fair is a great occasion to meet with our customers and moreover, being honest, friendly and pro-active is in our brand’s DNA. In the teasing stage of the campaign we invite customers to visit us in Düsseldorf with a set of beautiful images showing a tiny piece of the display and then we follow up with a series of behind-the-scenes content which shows preparation for EUROSHOP from the perspective of the working team. So, get in touch and discover what we have prepared for you.

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