Meet our #EUROSHOPteam | Part 2

My name is Adrian and I work for MORE Mannequins as a sculptor and 3D graphic artist. I collaborate closely with the Creative Director (Małgorzata) and in the paint shop in which Marcin works. The creative process of preparing new mannequins for EUROSHOP begins with a photo session with the model, next, with Małgorzata, we choose the position and determine the character of the mannequin. After deciding upon the details, I start my work with a 3D design program and then I print the project on a 1:1 scale using a 3D printer. The next stage is the manual finishing of the printed silhouette, in which the model gains its final form. After reaching a satisfactory effect, the finished prototype of the mannequin goes to the paint shop, where Marcin gives it the finishing touches.

Marcin: The 3D-printed mannequins for EUROSHOP go to the paint shop for their final preparation. The surface is checked for imperfections which could be exposed after varnish. All connections are also checked, as well as the matching of individual elements. The final phase is covering the finished models with varnish in three layers and then polishing. Moreover, the premiere collection for Düsseldorf is finished in a special style of sanding back the top coats, so that the layers of varnish expose the transparent material underneath.

Paweł: Preparation for EUROSHOP is a big challenge for all employees. Everyone has clearly defined goals to make the end result stunning. From the perspective of the warehouse workers, one of the most important issues is the appearance of the product that will be presented at the trade fair. Product presentation is very important, therefore, the warehouse staff’s responsibility is to assemble the mannequins before the show, in order to control the products’ quality and design of all of the parts. The final stage of our work is selecting all the elements necessary for the implementation of the exhibition in order to efficiently ship them to the show.


Coming soon:  Sales Dept and CEO perspective.

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