Meet our #EUROSHOPteam | part 3

Joanna: At Euroshop 2020 we present ourselves as a brand for the first time at this trade fair. In addition to excellent products, an important factor is the atmosphere we create at our stand as well as our approach to potential and existing customers, also, the high level of service we provide. That is why we have to prepare very well and anticipate questions that clients may ask. My task will be to present our collections, show guests around the stand, talk about the strengths of our products and team. I want to put into practice the idea of our show: “Get in touch” and establish many new business contacts.

Agnieszka: Participation in Euroshop is a big challenge for the Logistics and Administration Department. Marcin and Tomasz gave all of their efforts to provide a perfect look to all the mannequins under the watchful eye of Adrian and Małgorzata. Paweł C. and Dawid made sure that everything was well secured during the “journey” to the fair and no important element was left out during packing. Paweł Ś. guaranteed the timely delivery of the entire display to Dusseldorf. My role was to focus on remembering about the needs of our clients and the continuity of deliveries during the preparations and during the Euroshop 2020 trade fair.

Konrad: Our participation in Euroshop 2020 is an important milestone in the history of our company. Over the past years, we’ve developed our own style and brand DNA, expressed by three notions: Freshness, Proactivity and Being Fair. We want to share these ideas and invite Euroshop participants to our world. I am proud of our products and I am proud of the entire MORE Mannequins team. Each and every one of us has worked hard for this success and its culmination is our presence at Euroshop 2020.


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