Euroshop 2020 Review

February 2020 was a special month for MORE Mannequins – we decided to show our premiere collections during Euroshop – The World’s No.1 Retail Trade Fair, hosted in Dusseldorf, Germany. To imagine the huge scale of the event just take a look at the numbers:

5 days
18 trade halls
194 countries
2,300 exhibitors
94,000 visitors

Euroshop brings together the most respected and well known mannequin brands, which set the mannequin trends for the next three years to come. More Mannequins saw this as an opportunity to meet and get to know our clients better and present our collections and ideas which are important for us, such as sustainable development.

We presented three of our newest collections:

INDIVIDUAL – New edition of our chameleon collection with new makeup and wigs. This collection is created for all the mannequin stylization lovers and continuously developed by adding new ideas like hands finished in solid beech wood, the possibility to set the head position or material paddings.

ICON, ultra-feminine collection in vintage style, with a unique, half-shiny finish in the shade of old porcelain. The shapes are rounded, based on arches. The prolonged figures are smooth, without rough edges. Highly expressive, theatrical poses make ICON stand out even on a solo display.

TOMBOY, gender-neutral kids collection. Real school-life poses from static, sitting on the break to dynamic, sports-class figures. TOMBOY is designed as a cool group of “kids with attitude”.. The mannequins are easy to style and change because there is no division between the boys and girls models.

Last but certainly not least, the premiere line of mannequins, prepared especially for Euroshop – IN TOUCH. A highly interactive collection, where every model approaches the idea of touch in a different way. IN TOUCH is dedicated to restoring the lost contact with the physical world, emotions and other people. This collection is also available in ECO version, which is lighter and produced in a more environmentally-friendly way.

The main theme of our exposition was “Get in touch”, which can be interpreted in many ways – openness, invitation to get to know us and our mannequins, closeness, friendliness, being close to nature, as well as a teasing of our premiere collection. The exposition was designed using the idea of ‘hidden vs exposed’, with isles of mannequins divided with semi-transparent tulle curtains.
For the first time we presented our sustainable approach, which consists of five pillars: ECO Office, ZERO Plastic™Packaging, ECO Materials, LEASE & REUSE™ and Recycling of Mannequins. For details go to Sustainability section.

Especially for our guests we prepared a special feature to “get in touch” digitally – a 3D photo zone, where visitors to our stand could get their own 3D-GIF, arranged in the beautiful scenography of ICON displays. You can see the results in the Stories section on Instagram.

We are very grateful for all the visits and positive reactions – our exposition had over 1000 guests from 60 countries and the visitors took more than 460 photo-GIFS to share on Instagram. We are very happy with the results of our work and for the feedback we have received. It was a new and amazing experience which required team spirit, positive energy and determination – it was absolutely worth it. We returned full of inspiration and with new ideas for Euroshop 2023. See you soon!

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