Do you need it? Then you buy it! Mannequins available immediately in Europe

Among the advantages of MORE Mannequins is the ability to customize mannequins and adjust their appearance to meet individual needs, although preparation of such products is more time-consuming. We also have an impressive inventory of readymade mannequins on hand for immediate use. Which customers use our inventory the most, how quick is our delivery time, and what products do we offer? Let’s find out.

Mannequins in stock and delivered quickly

In Warsaw, at our MORE Mannequins warehouse, we have over 4,000 mannequins on hand immediately. To offer the widest selection of products to our customers, we strive to always keep the most popular collections available. In addition to single-item purchases, we also handle more advanced orders. We once delivered over one thousand mannequins for a clothing store operating in Poland and all over Europe within two weeks! Implementing this order was possible thanks to our experience and good logistical planning. A list of showrooms and mannequins was all we needed from the client, and we organized the whole process efficiently for them.

Our warehouse stocks, on the other hand, are mainly used by small and medium-sized businesses that can order any amount of merchandise in any number of quantities whenever they choose. This is particularly helpful for them when they suddenly need to expand a store collection, for example. Mannequins will be delivered within Poland the next business day, and to Europe within three days. Our products can also be shipped e.g. to Russia, Qatar, or the USA.

The best collections available immediately – what to select?

Fast delivery is important, but even more important is the quality of products that are available right away in our online store. We offer a multitude of collections with a wide range of applications, enabling you to choose the right shape or style of mannequin for even the most demanding exhibitions. Our mannequins maintain high standards of workmanship and will display clothes appropriately. We have listed below a few collections that we recommend, grouped by their intended purpose.

  • Best price choice – our top recommendation for this category is the 900 SERIES. Mannequins are available in four standard positions to suit a variety of styles.
  • VersatilityAEGON mannequins are distinguished by their large selection of ready-made silhouettes: 17 for women and 14 for men. With the minimalist collection, you can present suits and evening dresses, as well as sportswear and casual outfits.
  • Elegance – in this category, the ONE collection is very popular. Mannequins are shown in simple, classical poses in this series, so that each item of clothing can be displayed. Also, suits look great when presented with the ONE collection.
  • Classic – if you’re looking for a mix of vintage style and subtle modern elements, we recommend choosing the CLASSIC MODERN collection. The use of contrasting styles, materials, and colors produces a stunning end result.
  • Group presentation – In this category, the INDIVIDUAL collection deserves recognition. Its abstract body lines, round shapes, long neck, elongated legs, arms, and hands make it a perfect fit for group presentations showing mannequins in dynamic poses (there are 13 to select from).
  • Children’s mannequins – there are two mannequins that deserve special mention among those designed for children: the ID series and the new TOMBOY line, which resemble children in dynamic positions playing or physically active.
  • ExclusivityICON mannequins are tailored specifically for the exclusive boutique market. The styling mimics the look of influential divas from the 20-30s.
  • Youth collectionIN TOUCH was designed to address the styling needs of young people up to the age of 25. Mannequins display young people together in a composition, such as during social gatherings or casual conversations.

We also have specialized and plus size mannequins, as well as mannequins specialized for pregnancy and packshot shots.

MORE Mannequins offers quality, speed, and advice

We often tell our customers that it’s better to buy a smaller number of mannequins made of better materials than to be influenced solely by the quantitative aspect. We offer products that are long-term investments because they are distinguished by quality and unusual aesthetic values, allowing for a successful style presentation.

Every step of our process involves advice from our experts – you may speak with them by phone to determine the selection of mannequins appropriate for your goal, store, or the kind of space you have available. Our Warsaw Showroom is also open for customers to look at our mannequins and see how clothes look on specific models – in this case, those interested can also rely on the professional advice of MORE Mannequins specialists. Fast delivery, the ability to choose, and a wide range provides our customers with a good compromise between price and very good quality!

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