New departments at MORE Mannequins – Furniture and shelf units, and MORE3D. Check out what we have to offer!

By stating “We never stop improving because you never stop creating”, we perfectly convey the dynamic of changes that we employ in order to constantly offer our clients the best solutions. We want to share with you a new offering from MORE Mannequins – Furniture and shelf units for presenting styles, as well as MORE3D, the art of making your vision a reality!

More at MORE – Furniture and shelf units

Clothing stores place a great deal of importance on product displays. It’s important to arrange these spaces so that customers are attracted to the stylizations. It is also important to draw attention to the clothing itself, which is why the placement of clothes on hangers or the use of mannequins is planned with the utmost care. Customers’ imagination will be piqued and they will be influenced to make a purchase just by the display, although it is necessary to develop a larger store space to be able to use such a solution.

We decided to revamp the furniture and shelf units at MORE Mannequins in order to best present clothes while saving as much space as possible. As a result, our DSH series shelves were created, which stand out for their practicality and versatility.

Types of MORE Mannequins shelf units

  • The MORE Special bookcase. It’s particularly recommended for showrooms with small areas that require carefully planned arrangements. Racks combine a display table with a stand, allowing for products to be displayed on hangers and other products to be displayed next to them at the same time.
  • The MORE Special Plus bookcase. This model is unusual because of its unique versatility. Shelves in the MORE series have been designed in such a way as to display products from all sides, allowing them to be seen clearly without obscuring each other. Aside from hanging clothes, the rack can also be used to display mannequins on symmetrical shelves or to put clothes on them.
  • The MORE Special High bookcase. It combines the advantages of both previous shelf units. This is the largest of the structures, but it also allows you to display the most clothes because you can also hang wardrobe items on hangers on the shelves, display other items on the shelves, and show off a collection using a mannequin at the top. The MORE Special High can be used both as a wall rack or as an island unit located in the middle of a store.

In addition to mannequin stands and platforms, we offer display tables as well. During their design, we also sought to combine aesthetic values with functionality, just like with MORE shelves. Our exhibition tables include an additional shelf for clothes due to this reason. Modular tables can be stacked on top of one another, allowing for better utilization of the sales space.

MORE3D – not only mannequins!

While MORE primarily focuses on manufacturing and distributing mannequins, we have recently begun utilizing our artistic abilities to create figures and silhouettes. MORE3D was created as a way to turn your visions into reality.

The design studio and the production machines used daily to create mannequins are used for this purpose. Our previous works consist of, for example, a sculpture of a dog, a statue of a bull, and a unique pot cover featuring an abstract lady with a long neck.

Decorative sculpture production at MORE3D

Many of our clients ask us to perform projects of this nature, which encouraged and inspired us to start MORE3D. In response to the numerous requests we received for custom sculptures, we decided to offer this service on a permanent basis.

MORE3D offers services primarily to:

  • Advertising and marketing agencies
  • Promotion and marketing departments
  • Office and home furniture manufacturers
  • Shop fitting manufacturers
  • Manufacturers of refrigeration equipment
  • Producers of POS

We are happy to assist anyone who is interested in making a specific sculpture. Each pattern is created so that our MORE Mannequins artists are able to create products with exceptional aesthetics and levels of craftsmanship, which they demonstrate each day in the production of mannequins!

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