Mannequins from head to toe – learn how our masterpieces are made!

Creating mannequins is time-consuming and difficult, but the final results are well worth it. We must complete three stages in order to create our products: concept, prototype, and production. Let us take you on a journey to our world of high-quality mannequins and show you how they are made at MORE Mannequins!

#1 Creation – concept stage

An accurate design is necessary in order for a specific type of mannequin to be created. An important factor at this stage is whether we will create a new series of mannequins internally or prepare a customized project for a client’s specific needs.

A customer’s input is crucial during the first stages of customization. We work together to define the mannequin’s shape, pose, style, appearance, and other details. Already this year, we have created 3 new custom mannequins for our clients according to their individual concepts. On rare occasions, we receive approaches from people who have already developed a project and want to implement it immediately.

The process is similar when we create new mannequins internally, although our customers are not involved. Indirectly though, their involvement is possible in line with our slogan: “WE NEVER STOP IMPROVING BECAUSE YOU NEVER STOP CREATING”. Analyzing and studying customer needs in conjunction with the current market situation allows us to produce mannequins that are unique and in keeping with current trends. The result is the creation of new collections, only some of which have been released yet, such as ICON, INDIVIDUAL, INTOUCH, and TOMBOY.

#2 3D printing – when concepts begin to emerge

After we have designed a mannequin during the concept phase, the next step is to make a prototype using a 3D printer. It is the sculptor who shapes the product using a graphic program and supervises its printing. Having removed the printed form, we go through an analytical process, verifying the details and making any necessary corrections. Since we make all of the decisions ourselves during series production, this process usually takes less time. A prototype that we create still needs to be approved by the customer if we implement a customized project.

The mannequin design process has been made faster and more precise by the use of modern technologies like 3D printing. Our artists can make mannequins using their hands in our sculpture studio as an analogous possibility. With their talent, sculptors are able to breathe new life into sketches and graphic designs into unique silhouettes.

#3 Production – creating mannequins with you in mind!

After a prototype is approved, we move on to the implementation stage – production. With our own machine park, we are able to automate the process of creating mannequins. As a result, all products from the same series are identical and do not differ from one another. At MORE Mannequins, we care about ecology throughout the entire process. You can read more about the MORE development strategy in a previous article.

Mannequin design and creation at MORE – the details

The entire process is certainly not easy, as mentioned in the first sentence. It is both an art and a skill to design and create a mannequin in such a way that it is pleasing to the eye and made from quality workmanship. Every day we strive to improve this art. The hardest part is choosing the right design and shape, since this is a task that requires creative and manual abilities well beyond the average.

Several specialists are involved in the creation of mannequins including designers, sculptors, machine operators, and sales representatives. Detail-oriented processes usually result in 6-month production cycles, starting from the creative design stage through to the end of serial production. Typically, the first and second stages take about two months, while serial production naturally takes the longest.

We love to do it, and nothing gives us more satisfaction than creating new collections and seeing our customers visibly happy with our products.

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