Not only shop windows – where else can you find our mannequins?

Have you ever walked into a store and said “hi” to a mannequin standing beside you? The truth is, we have! Our MORE Mannequins artists, who breathe life into mannequins and make them look humanlike, only add to this challenge. Where else can you see our products besides shop windows?

Where can you meet a mannequin?

Presently, abstract mannequins are trendy – they have slightly outlined features, are not accurate representations of the human anatomy, and lack accessories such as makeup or wigs. They can be found often, particularly in clothing stores. While this is true, it does not change the fact that there is a wide variety of mannequin shapes, and the humorous reference from the introduction to this article is accurate – artists can construct characters that look very much like people. Mannequins wearing clothes or outfits make the effect even more noticeable. Thus, our products can also be used for special presentations at museums, fairs, and even by the military or in churches! Listed below are a few industries (other than fashion) where mannequins are used most often.

Museums and exhibitions

When viewing an exhibition, do you ever wish to imagine what medieval court wear would have looked like on a medieval noblewoman? Mannequins are used in museums for this purpose so that visitors can see something instead of having to imagine it. There are almost infinite possibilities for mannequin shapes, so you can match the form perfectly to a given dress or an old style so that it reflects both the beauty and the careful workmanship.

In museums, mannequins are not just for presenting costumes – they are used to display weapons, armor or scenes of historical battles as well. Models often assume various poses that indicate their roles in battle – pikemen kneeling with their spears drawn, swordsmen raising their weapons above their heads, or generals seated on horses watching a battle unfold while surrounded by banners. Although the forms that make up the figures are immobile, the entire exhibition has a genuine dynamic presence thanks to the accurate reproduction of costume, gear, and poses used.


During military shows, soldiers’ weapons and uniforms are displayed similarly. Usually, the mannequins are holding rifles or pistols, or in poses that are appropriate for carrying out a given activity like loading an anti-aircraft gun.

Conferences and fairs

Mannequins are also popular at various fairs, including fashion, design and machinery shows. They are closest to the traditional setting for mannequins in shops. Mannequins are used at exhibitions in order to present products and solutions in a favorable light, which is why there is a need for them. They are particularly useful for presenting clothing, but they can also be used, among other things, at health and safety fairs to demonstrate the risks people are exposed to at work.

Churches and religious places

Earlier examples present universal mannequins, but MORE Mannequins makes figures that are twins of human figures, allowing us to show, for example, holy figures. Clergy in particular use this approach when placing an image in the church to invoke associations with a particular saint. With the technique we have here at MORE Mannequins, we can make a mannequin with the strength and durability of marble sculptures!


In the entertainment industry, mannequins are ordered for similar reasons to the previous examples. In most cases, customers want to create a silhouette of a specific person to be used as a prop or “statue” to commemorate them. We prepare busts at MORE Mannequins, too.

Mannequins showing athletes or details of a particular discipline are also made for promotional purposes in sport. An excellent example would be the execution of a mannequin that presents the silhouette of a ski jumper in flight. In a freeze frame, you can depict an athlete perfectly – and it isn’t a digital image, but the actual figure.

Mannequins are wherever you need them!

The industries above are just some examples in which mannequins are used more often than others. Nevertheless, there are really no limits – mannequins can pop up wherever you need them to and adopt any pose you want!

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