Sport mannequins: how to create dynamic movement with a motionless model?

In our previous article titled “Where can you find our mannequins?“, we asked: “Have you ever walked into a store and said ‘hi’ to a mannequin standing beside you? The truth is, we have!”. A sports mannequin has a very low probability of being mistaken for a human. The reason is not that they are not humans – quite the contrary! It’s all about how they pose. Is there a way to capture the moment when the swimmer jumps into the water and make a mannequin from it? Explore the beauty of dynamic silhouettes in motionless poses!

Sport mannequins – what sets them apart?

Sports mannequins are uniquely characterized by their complicated poses. The goal is to show the viewer the figure associated with a given sport or activity. There are certain attitudes in most disciplines that are useful to create mannequins. You must pick the right moment, and we will illustrate it with swimmers, footballers, and volleyball players.

  • Swimmer – their legs are bent at the knees, torso leaned forward, and arms extended in front. Jumping into the water is associated with this position.
  • Football player – slightly inclined silhouette standing on bent, widely spaced legs. The motion of a body dibbling a moving ball is imitated by this mannequin.
  • Volleyball player – the mannequin is upright with a hand behind its back and head pointing upwards, replicating the serve movement.

As you can see, even if a mannequin is not dressed in a manner typical for swimmers or volleyball players, its silhouette will suggest these activities. Wearing the right outfit will highlight this effect and enhance the aesthetics of the piece.

Nevertheless, not every mannequin needs to be displayed in such dynamic poses. You can also make them static, but then you need to add attributes that help customers identify what type of character they represent. There may be no difference between the silhouette of a volleyball player and that of a football player – the arm of a person bent at the elbow is held vertical so as to hold a ball. An imitation of a volleyball player will hold a ball similarly to the way a football player will “grab” a soccer ball. The right outfit will further emphasize that the pose is for a particular activity, just as it did in the previous case.

Women’s and men’s sports mannequins

Both men and women are represented on our sports mannequins. Women’s sports mannequins have more complex poses and are therefore especially beautiful. Usually, these mannequins depict women stretching during yoga, pilates, fitness classes, or dancing. Each female sports figure is carefully crafted to emphasize the athletic form of the female body – their lines and muscles are made with sculptural precision.

The quality of workmanship and sculptors’ ability to demonstrate attributes such as strength and endurance are also admirable in male silhouettes. MORE Mannequins’ standard models also have special handles that can hold sports accessories such as Nordic walking poles, kettlebell weights, and barbells.

Aesthetic values and high-quality workmanship

Sport displays are made of fiberglass, which is a combination of elegant glass and damage-resistant polyester. According to current trends, they come in white with a matte finish as a standard. Nevertheless, we allow them to be fully customized by making adjustments to their form and appearance to meet your needs.

This applies, among others, to the examples we presented at the beginning of the article in relation to swimmers, footballers, and volleyball players. Depending on the collection or product of your idea, we can create a sports mannequin for you! You can also purchase standard models in our online store.

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