Design, make-up, styling – how can we give mannequins a human face?

Making up or styling is art, as is designing mannequins. Stylists and make-up artists also use mannequins as they can handle every detail of compositions, meaning they will be aesthetically pleasing. Learn what it’s like to work on make-up or styling a mannequin!

Minimalism: why mannequins in shop windows don’t wear make-up

In recent posts, we have discussed the current trend of minimalism in mannequin design. There are many abstract yet beautiful figures that resemble people without faithfully reproducing their anatomies. Such mannequins are characterized by their abstract shapes: oval head, extended neck, and/or long limbs – making them extraordinary, unique, and fascinating. This is usually the style we see in shop windows.

In shops or boutiques, mannequins presenting clothes do not wear makeup, following the minimalist convention. Furthermore, make-up will be adjusted to the styling, which can differ from exhibition to exhibition. Make-up is therefore not used in the production of most serial models. However, with our custom mannequins, it is absolutely possible!

How to prepare make-up for a mannequin?

The process of applying make-up to a mannequin is similar to working with a human. It is crucial that the make-up artist has the necessary skills and that the materials used are adapted to the “skin” of the display so that it doesn’t damage the makeup. Mannequins with make-up attract customers because their faces are brighter and more distinctive.

It is also worth mentioning that it was once fashionable to apply make-up to mannequins. The eastern market is especially influenced by this due to the fact that make-up is an important aspect of traditional styling.

Not just makeup – wigs as universal accessories

A wig is a perfect addition to the styling of a mannequin. Besides realistic mannequins, they may also be used for abstract ones. However, in this article, we are focused on realistic displays that accurately portray the anatomy and appearance of real people – and make-up or wigs are valuable additions to a sculptor’s work.

It is easy to see why wigs are more popular than applying makeup to mannequin’s faces because they can be worn multiple times on the heads of different displays. As a result, companies often purchase several wigs with various hairstyles and colors, which can be easily adapted to different designs.

MORE Mannequins’ wigs are made from top-quality synthetic fibers, which guarantee their durability and quality. Besides the quality of our projects, we also pay attention to aesthetic values. As a result, we have prepared trendy hairstyles that will complement each composition perfectly.

The original line of mannequins: INDIVIDUAL REALISTIC

INDIVIDUAL REALISTIC is a special line of MORE Mannequins that are realistically made up to blur as much as possible the lines between a mannequin and a real person. INDIVIDUAL REALISTIC strives to capture the essence of a modern woman fitting elegant outfits and premium collections, as well as high-quality casual and urban fashion.

Our recommendation for displays using this line is to select wigs that will complement the realism of the entire composition perfectly. INDIVIDUAL REALISTIC is a special collection with ready-made solutions, however, if you require a mannequin that is completely unique and made according to your specific vision then please contact us.

Our MORE Mannequins team will handle it for you!

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