Bringing generations together with mannequins!

MORE Mannequins offers both silhouettes of adults and children. The similarity in styles means they can be combined at exhibitions, showing collections for the entire family or displaying the entire range of outfits in a boutique, starting with clothing for the little ones. What are the different types of children’s and adult mannequins? Using a coherent composition, how can they be combined at an exhibition in order to tell an interesting story to the viewers?

Dynamics, action, and motion

We begin with the dynamic range of TOMBOY children’s collection, which can be complemented e.g. with sports mannequins. A synergy will be apparent especially in sports stores that offer both adult and child selections.

The children’s poses in the TOMBOY range resemble those in the series for adults. Female sports mannequins depicting ballerinas also exist as their smaller counterparts, showing a girl with her feet raised over her head and holding her torso as she tilted towards the ground. The combination of these two elements can be used to illustrate a shared passion between mother and daughter, or a master and her student. Using a creative combination of displays, the additional message obtained attracts glances and arouses curiosity, which directs customers’ attention to products presented this way.

Additionally, Tomboy’s series includes poses inspired by school activities, illustrating the range of emotions seen by young students.

Elegance and chic in classic poses

It is now time to move on from a dynamic combination to a more static and traditional one – although it certainly isn’t boring! The ID line of children’s mannequins follow the style of the 900 COLLECTION. Throughout the composition, classic poses and minimalism dominate, emphasizing its elegance. You get the impression of looking through a great photographer’s lens when looking at the individual poses. In a way, they resemble the poses of photogenic people who are natually captured at precisely the right moment.

Children’s ID lines give insight into their unique personalities. There are mannequins representing a variety of characters: from calm to go-getting, and the entire collection is expressive and versatile. The girls’ mannequins have strongly straightened fingers, while boys’ mannequins have slightly bent fingers, which emphasizes the degree of refinement in our designs.

It will be particularly interesting to correlate the ID line and the COLLECTION 900 line to present styles targeted at fashion-forward, modern families who appreciate urban fashion or classic clothing. While both collections are designed to accommodate individual mannequins, thanks to their suitable arrangement, they are also appropriate for group exhibitions. The child’s mannequin can stand in front of an adult’s one – it won’t obscure either mannequin’s styling, but it will evoke family associations.

CLASSIC MODERN – redefining old trends

The third proposal combines the collections CLASSIC MODERN and CLASSIC MODERN KIDS. The designs and manufacturing of both lines are very similar, as you can guess.

What’s the style? Retro and vintage – a new definition of old trends. We have merged traditions and inspirations, as well as contrasts in materials and colors, to reinvent the old line in a modern, unique, and avant-garde way. Combining classics with the newest trends guarantees the highest level of aesthetic value.

CLASSIC MODERN and CLASSIC MODERN KIDS collections are distinguished by the flexibility and ability to bend, set, and twist the hands in any direction. Because of this, it is easier to develop stories and synergies between children and adults depicted by the mannequins. With an intriguing design and unprecedented freedom of poses, the displays will draw the attention of the viewers.

You will find all this (and so much MORE) in MORE!

This is not the only way that the MORE Mannequins collections can be combined. Using our offers, you can create almost limitless combinations of styles and items, which will help you tell a captivating story to the viewers at your shop display. Nevertheless, if you want a design that is different from the rest, we can customize mannequins for you. You can count on us to create a unique exhibition in line with your original vision!

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