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Tailor tors from the ATELIER collection

ATELIER is a collection of exclusive mannequins that are perfect for boutiques with "soul". This unique product line is characterized by elegance, chic, dignified and special attention to detail. When composing your clothing display, the addition of a mannequin with movable joints on a stand will certainly make the composition original and timeless.

- The collection is mainly designed for elegant clothing and premium clothing stores.
- Our determinants are natural materials and the highest quality.
- Display units with mobile hands are the perfect solution for your exhibition. Endless possibilities to set up our products in different configurations.

Mannequin with mobile joints on a stand - get to know its advantages

Models of mannequin bodies with movable hands from the ATELIER collection were created for exclusive customers who are looking for something more. The tailor's torsos were made of natural materials that are environmentally friendly. Despite the ecological aspect, they are not at all less durable. On the contrary. The products in this line are characterized by a high level of durability against external factors. The limbs are made of wood, and the head and torso are trimmed with high-quality natural canvas. Such a construction allows for an impressive display of the upper garment in premium boutiques and exclusive tailoring studios.

Mannequin body with movable hands - what else is worth knowing about it?

Movable joints in tailor's torsos allow you to position the mannequin in any configuration. Thanks to them, you can create a unique exhibition that could not exist using standard mannequins. Tailor tors from the ATELIER collection are undoubtedly classics in a completely new version. One such exclusive mannequin will certainly give your interior a unique design.

It is also worth paying attention to the mannequins tors 100 WITHOUT HEADING WOMEN.

See stand for tek collection:ST-R-97

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  • VRA-F/T
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    VRA-F/T Wooden mannequin torso

    The mannequin torso  is ideal for boutiques and concept stores that prioritise eye-catching interior design and displays. The high quality of its materials makes the Mannequin Torso  highly resistant to all kinds of damage. It will therefore be an exceptional decoration for your boutique for many years to come.

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  • VRA-M-B/T
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    VRA-F/T-B Black mannequin torso stand

    The female mannequin torso with stand is ideal for boutiques and concept stores that would like to prioritise eye-catching interior design and displays as well as the high quality of the materials it is made from. Black mannequin female torso makes it highly resistant to any kind of damage. It will therefore be an exceptional decoration for your boutique...

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  • VRA-F/T-WH
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    VRA-F/T-WH Female mannequin torso

    The female mannequin torso with wooden head delights with its combination of old tailoring concepts with a touch of modernity and abstraction. With a wooden head and hands that can be bent and arranged in different configurations, the female torso gains a unique character. This is a proposition for brands that prioritise detail and want to present their...

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  • VRA-M/T-WH
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    VRA-M/T-WH Half Body Dress Form with Wooden Arms

    There are some styles that require a unique setting. If you're offering premium garments made from good materials - take care of the presentation. A mannequin bust form in retro style, made of high-quality raw materials, will emphasise the character of your brand. It will make any look perfect. It will be presented with class and grace. The mannequin's...

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items