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CLASSIC MODERN KIDS is the children's version of our bestselling collection, inspired by retro style. Modeled after old sewing studios, they add a vintage touch to any interior with their unconventional look. The children's mannequins in this collection are made of natural materials such as wood and cotton.

- We want to emphasize how important ecology is to usand to refer to the retro style
- Models from this collection are also dedicated to premium boutiques.
- Using even the same model, one is able to create a unique display. Movable joints allow many configurations of settings and interactions between mannequins

Haute couture for children.

Products in this series are appreciated by designers and are a perfect element of elegant interior design. The distinctive and distinguishing feature of this collection is the movable arms. Mannequins with movable joints allow you to depict a variety of emotions that children do not hide. The arms can be bent, twisted and placed at any angle. CLASSIC MODERN KIDS consists of four positions of children's mannequins, appropriately selected for a specific age: 4 years, 6 years, 8 years and 10 years. The age category is determined by codes assigned to each full-face mannequin. As standard, the hands of the mannequins are made of light wood, the torso and head are trimmed with cotton fabric, and the legs are made of fiberglass in white. This children's mannequin is also available in gray.

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  • KV4-W

    KV4 Child wire mannequin head

    Child size tailors dummy KV4-W is an elegant and avant-garde model from the CLASSIC MODERN KIDS collection. It is inspired by old tailor's workshops. The mannequin's image is based on a wire or fabric-covered head, which gives it a particularly unique dimension. The fact that it is made from natural raw materials is also of additional significance. Either...

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  • KV6-W

    KV6 Child mannequin in Natural Canvas

    Child tailor dummy was created based on a classic design. We added a pinch of magic and a little more modernity to it, resulting in a striking image. The model is available in two variants: wire-headed and fabric-covered. Either of these two versions will allow you to create an exhibition straight out of a catalogue. Check out the adult sewing mannequin...

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  • KV8-W

    KV8 Flexible child mannequin

    The children's vintage mannequin is ultra-modern but incorporates elements of a vintage mannequin. It is available in two colour options; one with a wire head and the other with a fabric trimmed head. It is made partly from eco-friendly materials, giving the added effect of an awareness of the importance of nature. The entire CLASSIC MODERN KIDS...

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  • KV10-W

    KV10 Child Wooden Articulated Mannequin

    The Adjustable child mannequin with movable joints is a modern model whose design perfectly combines traditional style and 21st century innovation. Its appearance is reminiscent of vintage style, but the possibilities it has in its repertoire will add variety to the interior of your shop and give it a unique atmosphere. Two options are available for these...

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items