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To see the current offer of children's mannequin outlet, download the file which contains all the details, including the price of children's mannequins and a short description with specifications.

The children's mannequin outlet offers custom, realistic models with a unique character, perfect for brands that value unconventional solutions in visual merchandising. Single pieces of children's mannequins from limited collections work perfectly on smaller display windows, combining high quality with a distinctive character.

The children's mannequin sale includes mannequins with realistic lines that perfectly reflect children's body shape and facial expressions, with a colour that matches their natural skin tone. The mannequins also feature eye and lip makeup, and can be ordered with wigs. Such an arrangement of the display will allow passersby to fully identify with the mannequins. Realistic children's mannequins at a lower price will surely make your collections stand out from other competitive brands, attracting attention and emphasising your brand's commitment to the highest quality and attention to detail.

In addition to realistic mannequins, the outlet regularly offers end-of-collection children's mannequins and displays with dynamic poses, with a matte or glossy finish. Each mannequin is made of high-quality fibreglass and represents children of different ages and temperaments, some allowing for easy interpretation of emotions, providing ample room for creativity for those involved in creating displays.