Children's mannequins  

Explore a wide selection of children's mannequins! Anyone can buy a model that will best present the offered clothing. This is especially useful when you have products dedicated to a specific social group. Find out that they can be selected not only for age or gender.

Children's store mannequins

Classic children's mannequins used for the presentation of previously prepared clothing. The most basic models belong to the unisex category - their shape only resembles the human figure. These are children's store mannequins devoid of facial features, and the body structure is so universal that we are unable to determine the exact gender they represent. In storefronts of this type of mannequins are most often found in white. Among the products without facial features, we can further distinguish those that are in motion and in a static position. The simplicity of unisex mannequins perfectly complements the interior of any boutique, but will especially be appreciated by lovers of minimalism. You can find unisex models in our ID and TOMBOY collections, which include a variety of figures in many variations, with which you can create an elaborate, storied display.

Modern children's mannequins

Nowadays we can see that current fashion trends have a very strong influence on people. This is such a strong phenomenon that the owners of exclusive stores are often not content with classic children's mannequins. Wanting the products they offer to look very natural, they opt for premium solutions, choosing the most sophisticated poses, unconventional technical solutions affecting comfort, as well as high-quality materials characterized by excellent durability. If you are looking for unconventional children's mannequins, which are already memorable after the first glance, be sure to get acquainted with the collection of children's mannequins - CLASSIC MODERN KIDS. Interestingly, these solutions are used not only by owners of stores selling luxury clothing, but also high-end toys or children's room furnishings. Thanks to this, the offered products perfectly present their top quality, and at the same time imitate specific situations from the daily life of children, which is an additional incentive to make a purchase. Depending on your needs, you can choose models that suit not only the gender of the child, but also his age. Nowadays, extremely popular are not only beavers, but also a toddler of preschool, early school or teenage age.

Baby mannequin

In the range of child mannequins you will also find base models available in seven age categories. They represent children of different ages - from crawling to school age. The versatility and simplicity of the 800 collection will perfectly blend into the atmosphere of any interior. The products are available in white matte version, which is recently considered one of the most fashionable. Children's mannequins from this series assume various poses - including sitting positions are also available. Matching the mannequins to your needs and the interior of the store, decide for yourself whether you prefer the variant with or without a head.

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