ACF01 Female Dress Form Mannequin

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  • white matte
  • matt grey

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The female dress form mannequin is incredibly versatile, making it perfect for both stores specializing in elegant clothing and those offering casual stylizations. Its striking style and subtle details give it a unique character that catches the customers' attention. Regardless of the collection, the female dress form mannequin creates an ideal backdrop for presenting clothes, accentuating their individual charm.  See the male head mannequin counterpart.

Timeless White and Natural Silhouette of the Female Dress Form Mannequin

The female dress form mannequin is made of fiberglass in a timeless white color, adding elegance to its appearance. The matte finish ensures it remains in vogue. Its feminine silhouette with natural dimensions highlights the authentic anatomy, giving the presented clothes a distinctive allure. This is the ideal product for presenting any collection, regardless of style and trends.

Abstract Head - Creative Styling Possibilities with the Female Dress Form Mannequin

An extraordinary feature of our mannequin is its abstract head. This innovative design adapts to any type of stylization, allowing for creative arrangements and experimentation with different trends. Thanks to this feature, our female dress form mannequin effortlessly captures customers' attention and adds a unique expression to the showcased garments.

The Versatile Female Dress Form Mannequin

The female dress form mannequin is not just a decoration but also a reliable tool for presenting clothes. Its static position in the collection lends it elegance and sophistication. The versatility of the female dress form mannequin makes it suitable for various types of clothing, both elegant and casual. The timeless white with a matte finish, natural silhouette, and abstract head make our mannequin exceptionally attractive.

Data sheet

Height 180 cm / 71 in
Chest 88 cm / 35 in
Waist 63 cm / 25 in
Hips 89 cm / 35 in
Shoe size 38 / 5 UK
Gender female
Brand Persona 21-27 years old, 27+ years
Material fibreglass
Colour grey matt RAL7043, white matt 9003
Base glass, round (B-G1)


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