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Simple solutions are often the best. The 900 collection is a series of high-quality women's mannequins in 4 standing poses, with which you can build many interesting storefront arrangements. They are designed to fit many styles both solo and in more numerous arrangements. Cheap Mannequins 900 is the offer for you if you are looking for a modern product with solid materials at a good price.

● Figures in classic standing poses in matte white color.
● Universal models to fit any clothing store.
Lightweight and functional, made of high quality fiberglass.

Universal women's mannequins for any storefront

When designing a store display, budget can be a limitation. By choosing the 900 collection you are assured that a lower price does not mean inferior quality. The line is made of durable materials, and the figures are versatile to build simple, classic display cases. They are great for showcasing contemporary casual fashion, as well as more classic fashion (except for boutiques with premium offerings). As standard, these inexpensive mannequins are offered in matte white, but you can order them in any color, including glossy.

A full set at a good price

Women's mannequins are sold right away in complete sets. With your purchase you also get a round glass base with calf attachment, gloves and corrective paint. You don't have to worry about additional accessories - the product is ready to be placed in your display.

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  • Manekin żeński biały mat

    900F1 Mannequin standard size

    Do you have a small budget for visual merchandising and want to buy a cheap-price mannequin? You don't have to give up on mannequins or choose mannequins whose quality leaves a lot to be desired. Here is a budget collection with which you can simply, cheaply and, above all, effectively transform the design of your shop and shop window. See the male...

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  • Women's full-face mannequin

    900F2 Female mannequin

    You do not have to have a huge budget for a VM to present your clothing collection in a modern and professional way. A helping hand for smaller boutiques is the MORE Mannequins brand offering excellent quality, cheap clothing mannequin. See male counterpart:...

    In Stock
  • Women's matt mannequin

    900F3 Mannequin shop display

    The versatile ladies' store mannequin is a solution for every shop. The ergonomically designed figure is an eye-catcher, as it resembles a model posing for a photograph. Interestingly, our low-cost mannequins can be made in any colour, giving you the opportunity to compose unconventional displays. Our standing mannequin for sale is a high-quality product...

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  • Women's mannequin head egg

    900F5 Display women's egg head mannequin

    For a shop window to attract the attention of customers you need an interesting composition. The dynamic layout must not lack simple, versatile, universal mannequins, on which all types of clothing are well presented. The standing cheap display mannequins for sale with egg head from the 900 collection is an excellent choice. The abstract shape of the head...

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items