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Download the file with our products- there you will find all the outlet models, along with photos and specifications

High quality doesn't always have to mean a high price. MORE Mannequins' outlet of female mannequins offers limited edition models of female displays, each available in individual pieces. 

Everyone will find something for themselves here. This is the last chance to equip your boutique or studio with realistic female mannequins that perfectly replicate the female silhouette in every detail. Creative poses, precise makeup, and the ability to choose a wig are characteristic features that will distinguish your display from competitors.

The outlet of women’s mannequins also includes a wide selection of fibreglass store displays in an abstract style with smooth lines and modern shapes. Female mannequins are available in white, black, graphite, and flesh tones, in both classic statue-like poses and more dynamic ones. They come in both matte and glossy finishes.

Sale mannequins is a unique opportunity for smaller brands that have limited space for display. The last pieces of mannequins from past collections can be purchased at truly attractive prices, allowing for the highest quality while optimising the budget allocated to visual merchandising activities.

In addition to the outlet of women's mannequins, our store also offers: sale on men's mannequins and outlet of children's mannequins.