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Sustainable fashion is more than ethical production and the choice of eco-friendly materials. If your brand's philosophy is to care about the environment, pay attention to the environment in which you display your collections. Eco-friendly mannequins are the future of visual merchandising. They are aesthetically delightful, durable and recyclable. Their production has a lower carbon footprint by up to 90%.

Eco-friendly mannequins designed in Poland, which you will find in our collection, are made in 3 versions:

● from raffia paper, rice glue and raw recycled paper,

● from PET bottles and bio resin from corn starch,

● from raffia paper, bio resin and raw recycled paper.

The mannequins can have a finish of smooth, multi-layered eco paper, which emphasizes the character of the display, and classic water-based paint, which perfectly replicates traditional high-quality mannequins.

The eco mannequinseries is developed with an eye for detail and modern design. Each eco mannequin has precise, perfectly balanced silhouette lines. Eco mannequins come in both traditional poses and more avant-garde ones. Oval, smooth faces are fully in line with current display trends. They are lightweight and perfectly positioned. They have subtly elongated limbs, so that any styling will be arranged perfectly.

We take care of every detail of the order. Eco mannequins are delivered in environmentally friendly packaging. All models are recyclable and reusable. And importantly - most eco mannequins are available in orders with short lead times. As a manufacturer of eco mannequins, we know full well that the demand for eco mannequins that highlight a brand's commitment to sustainable fashion will continue to grow. We are reaching out to you - inquire about the short delivery time of the eco series.

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  • HOF1

    HOF-1 Female ECO mannequin

    Nowadays, mannequins no longer resemble their counterparts from a decade ago. In our company, we have designed it for modern and conscious brands who want to present their stylizations on ecological mannequins, in accordance with the assumptions of sustainable fashion, for which caring for the natural environment is part of the conscious policy of the...

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  • HOF2

    HOF-3 ECO female mannequin in different colours

    The mannequins offered on the market today are deceptively similar to the human figure, which is their great advantage. The eco-friendly HOF3 female silhouette mannequin is eye-catching with its model silhouette and pose. The slightly raised hands make the silhouette light and subtle. On the one hand, the pose is classic, placed in front of the viewer. On...

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items