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The IN TOUCH collection of men's mannequins features a very contemporary masculine silhouette. It combines high quality fiberglass and refined fashion poses that perfectly reflect the silhouette of the modern man. In designing these mannequins, anatomical details were reduced to a minimum in accordance with the latest trends. The figures are slim, interact with each other, and are in contact with each other. The collection was created to reflect the modern young man. Abstract, sleek faces give the collection a modern touch.

- A completely new approach to the industry.
- We do not stop keeping our hand on the pulse. The latest technical solutions allow the mannequins to last longer.
- IN TOUCH collection - dedicated to those who appreciate the convenience of use.

This is a series of mannequins that will allow you to arrange your showcases and displays at the meeting point of classics and the latest exhibition trends. You can order IN TOUCH men's mannequins in two basic options: white matte or matte translucent fiberglass version. On special order, the mannequins are available in any color range.

The IN TOUCH series is unique in its kind for two reasons. We have developed a unique technology that has enabled us to create wonderfully lightweight, practical mannequins. The men's full-figure IN TOUCH displays in the translucent fiberglass version weigh just 8 kg, which sets them apart from standard mannequins, which usually weigh around 12 kg. Such a treatment makes it easier to work in a boutique or at events, allowing you to focus on what's most important - the creative arrangement.

IN TOUCH's collection of men's mannequins provides a wealth of possibilities in this regard. There are several positions of the men's silhouette at your disposal, thanks to which you can easily arrange a spectacular display. In addition, the lightweight material features delicate clearances that allow for a fantastic composition based on the play of light and shadow. Just in time to highlight selected elements of your collections in a modern and creative way.

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  • ITM1 Male mannequin in the artistic pose

    A male mannequin in an artistic pose from the IN TOUCH collection will allow you to design an exhibition in a modern style, which will not only be a collection presentation but a specific form of art with a creative overtone. The ITM1 mannequin shows the male figure in a slightly tilted position, with the head and one hand pointing to the side. The...

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  • ITM2 Lightweight male mannequin

    The mannequin for exhibition from the IN TOUCH collection is distinguished by its quality and the highest class of workmanship. The silhouette is set in a relaxed, model pose. One of the hands is placed near the collarbone. The figure is standing firmly on its right leg. The left leg is slightly bent at the knee. The mannequin has smooth, flowing lines....

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  • ITM3 Mannequin in a relaxed position

    A mannequin in a relaxed position will add a light, nonchalant character to the styling. It will work well with casual sets, and that is not all. It will show the artistic side of the brand and emphasise attention to detail. This vision fits perfectly with the line of modern IN TOUCH high-quality Mannequins . The male figure has smooth, streamlined lines....

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  • ITM4 Fibreglass mannequin

    A classic male mannequin that exudes strength and confidence. This is a proposal for fashion brands that do not compromise and want to present their collections on high-class displays, with an extremely realistic silhouette and pose. The male figure has one leg slightly extended forward. Such an arrangement of the figure perfectly presents the lower...

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items