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INDIVIDUAL is a unique collection of mannequins with semi-abstract features, made of durable fiberglass with an elegant finish. It will delight lovers of exhibition creations at the intersection of art and reality.

- Top quality products made of fiberglass - a conscious investment.
- Design inspired by the latest visual merchandising trends.
- We designed our mannequins with the needs and concerns of our customers in mind. We took care of the comfort of useand appropriate equipment.
- We give you many options - from classics to the most modern models. Check out our offer and create a unique store display.

Each men's mannequin from the INDIVIDUAL collection is made of high-quality fiber. Smooth surfaces perfectly highlight the outline of muscles. The sculptural precision stands out from other mannequins available on the market. Here every detail counts - the refined layout of the hands, the outline of the mouth or jaw.

INDIVIDUAL full-figure mannequins will create a striking and, above all, very durable display in your boutique. They will draw the eye, giving each style a human personality. They will allow you to convey something more than design. They will be a representation of your brand identity.

Each men's mannequin from the INDIVIDUAL collection is offered in a set with a minimalist, transparent calf-mounted base. The display comes with gloves and corrective paint. You can order the mannequins in matte or glossy versions, in a wide range of colors.

Choose the right silhouette or create an original composition. INDIVIDUAL mannequins are for demanding brands that know their goals well and want to externalize them in every, smallest detail.

Also check out the 900 collection.

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  • NPDM1 Całopostaciowy manekin męski

    Całopostaciowy manekin męski o wyprostowanej, pewnej sylwetce to kwintesencja klasyki i nowoczesnego stylu ekspozycji. Włókno szklane, z którego została wykonana postać, to materiał o niezwykłej trwałości i estetycznym wykończeniu. Męski manekin stoi w delikatnym rozkroku. Jego ręce opuszczone są luźno, wzdłuż sylwetki. Klatka piersiowa jest wyprostowana...

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  • NPDM2 Full-body mannequin male

    A full-figure male mannequin with an upright, confident silhouette is the quintessence of classics and a modern style of display. The glass fibere from which the figure was made is a material of extraordinary durability and an aesthetical finish. The male mannequin is gently straddling. His arms are lowered loosely along the silhouette. The chest is...

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  • NPDM3 Mannequin male silhouette

    How to emphasise the strength and masculine character of the styles presented on the site? Much depends on the elaborate display. A male figure mannequin, made of a durable, modern material such as fibreglass, will allow you to present your collection in a classic, elegant style. The mannequin is upright with the arms lowered loosely along the torso and...

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  • NPDM4 Full body male mannequin

    A full-figure male mannequin with a strong, decisive position is a proposal for an exhibition that combines classic and modern. The model pose of the silhouette positioned straight ahead, in a stable stride, will perfectly present premium clothes. The male full-figure mannequin has delicately defined muscles. The face reflects natural human facial...

    In Stock

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items