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Today, value is found in austere forms - minimalism and the universal nature of objects. The LOFT collection of full-figure mannequins is a response to these trends. The silhouettes in timeless poses with a matte finish avalanche between modernity and classics. They will perfectly present both lifestyle clothing collections and those from the premium shelf - reaching the audience who appreciate high quality, simplicity and classics.

● The full-figure women's mannequin comes in two versions: abstract and classic.
● The mannequins have simplified body lines, without enhancing the anatomy.
● Modern solutions make work in the showroom easier.

LOFT collection of full-figure mannequins to choose from in two variants

Women's full-face mannequins from the LOFT collection you can order in two variants: with a semi-abstract face, that is, delicately outlined features, and a smooth so-called egg head, which meets the needs of modern clothing collections.

Slender female silhouettes have a gently elongated neck. They stand in a strong, stable position that perfectly reflects self-confidence, dynamism in action and love of urban lifestyle.

Composition of LOFT full-face mannequins

LOFT women's full-figure mannequins will work well in both solo and group displays. They are the answer to the challenges of modern visual machandigine. They perfectly highlight the individual character of the collection, while being timeless and classic. These are mannequins for years to come, in which we have applied numerous innovations that make everyday display work easier.

The collection is a response to the needs of discerning creatives who, with the help of a boutique display, want not only to attract the attention of passers-by, but also to express a specific message.

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  • Women's mannequin with smooth face

    LTF-1 ladies' smooth-face mannequin

    Customers appreciate attention to detail. The way you present a collection influences its perception and popularity. The ladies’ smooth-faced mannequin, standing in a slight stride - a strong, decisive pose, on the one hand exudes femininity and, on the other hand, is a good representation of the energy of modern women who know what they want. QUALITY...

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  • Classic women's mannequin

    LTF-2 Classic ladies' mannequin

    It's natural that when you invest in high-quality clothing displays, you want them to represent your brand for more than just one or two seasons. You want them to last for years, impress with their aesthetics but are also versatile and durable. These thoughts guided us when we designed the classic LTF2 ladies’ mannequin. Its silhouette is upright, with...

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  • Classic women's mannequin

    LTF-3 Female Display Mannequin

    With just one glance, you'll know that the collection you're displaying on the LTF3 mannequins is aimed at strong, independent women who stand firmly on the ground. Do you want to showcase business or casual styling for women? The model with its strong, determined pose is the best option for your brand. The all-female display exudes confidence. It stands...

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  • Women's mannequin as from the catwalk

    Women's mannequin as from the catwalk

    Turn up the atmosphere in the boutique. Bring your collections straight from the catwalk to the store window. The LTF4 mannequin in a dynamic pose will take your customers on a journey into the world of great fashion. The slightly tilted hip perfectly replicates the positions of models who present styles during shows. It will work well in displaying...

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  • Full-figure women's mannequin

    LTF-5 Ladies’ mannequin for clothes

    Creative shop windows tell stories. A potential customer will keep their eyes on your shop window if the display 'speaks' to them. That is exactly what the ladies’ mannequin for clothes (LFT5) does - it looks in the direction of passers-by. It draws them in. It listens to their conversations. It intrigues and does not allow them to walk past...

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  • Women's standing mannequin

    LTF-6 Ladies’ standing mannequin

    Wondering how to present your clothes well in the shop window? Simple solutions can be the most intriguing. All you need to do is focus on quality and small details that build a valuable message. In this vein, we have designed the LTF6 women's standing mannequin from the LOFT collection. It combines a custom pose with a simple, minimalist outline of...

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items