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Classic, timeless clothing designs love simplicity - smooth lines, predictable shapes, ease of arrangement and versatility. This is how we can describe the men's clothing mannequins from the LOFT collection in a few words. Their raw, classic character will perfectly emphasize the individualism and strength of your brand. These are mannequins for years to come, which will work well during the presentation of the latest trends, collections for younger people, as well as those aimed at a premium audience.

● Men's clothing mannequins from the LOFT collection are available in two variants: abstract and classic
● Raw, straight lines of the body do not accentuate the anatomy
● Modern solutions facilitate the work in the showroom.

Men's clothing mannequin in a new, timeless design

Modernity loves minimalism and universal forms. That's why we created mannequins for years to come, which allow you to display your collection in different styles. Their simple, classic poses - upright, slim silhouettes with arms hanging along the torso - make everyday salon work easier. They allow a wide range of creations, presenting clothes in the best style - both solo and in group compositions.

You can order LOFT men's clothing mannequins in two variants:

CLASSIC with a semo-abstract face, with a delicately outlined nose, mouth and jaw
ABSTRACT, which is a completely smooth egg-type head, with outlined ears

The silhouettes of the mannequins are fully in line with the latest trends, while maintaining a universal character. They are slender, with a gently elongated neck. The mannequins face the viewer. Their anatomy is not accentuated, they have no outlines of muscles, knees or ankles. They differ in the positioning of their legs. They are all covered with a white matte coating.

Mannequins for years to come that make salon work easier

Investment in high-end clothing mannequins is not only a huge saving and care for the image of the brand, but also the convenience of daily work in the salon. We created the LOFT collection in response to the real needs of visual merchandising specialists. Exhibition creations using men's clothing mannequins do not require a great deal of experience. Easy to arrange poses and innovative solutions, speed up the work to the maximum, while taking care of the best audience experience. We've incorporated several key technologies and solutions that make working in a clothing showroom easier:

● the indestructible hands are made of durable PVC material,
● the men's clothing mannequin has an allen fastener in the calf,
● the silhouettes have an anti-scratch coating that protects them from minor scratches,
● the mannequins have ergonomic fasteners,
● there is a storage compartment in each mannequin , for gloves, correction paint, a key and other necessary accessories.

We love this moment when modernity meets functionality and classics. We assume that perfection lies in simplicity - it doesn't need additional decorations and ornaments. LOFT collection of men's and women's mannequins is the best example of this.

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  • Male mannequin in a determined pose

    LTM-1 Male mannequin in decisive position

    The LTM1 mannequin with a determined pose exudes self-confidence. It will allow you to emphasise the strengths of men's styles, whether elegant, casual or sporty. The full-figured display has subtly outlined muscles. The arms hang freely along the silhouette, making the display easy to work with on a daily basis. Thanks to the classic pose, you gain a...

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  • Male muscular mannequin

    LTM-1-R Mensioned Mannequin

    You can design a boutique display case where life "happens". This will be facilitated by mannequins in dynamic poses that perfectly replicate human behaviour. They combine simplicity and minimalism with expressive gestures. This is exactly what the muscular male mannequin LTM1-R from the LOFT collection is like. The silhouette stands in a stable, decisive...

    In Stock
  • Good quality clothing mannequin

    LTM-2 Goods clothing mannequin

    A quality clothing mannequin is not only an investment for years but is also taking care for your brand image. Fiberglass displays differ significantly from plastic ones. They are robust, elegant and have modern lines. We have taken care of every single detail. The LTM2 mannequin, with its static posture, has a narrow leg span, looking straight ahead of...

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  • Men's clothing mannequin

    LTM-2-R Male clothin mannequin

    Do you know what makes attractive shop windows stand out? Their composition refers to real life scenes. Mannequins catch the eye not only with their styling, but also with a story. As a manufacturer of high-quality mannequins, we know what moves passers-by. The LOFT collection responds to the needs of the most demanding audience, who are eager to admire...

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  • Mannequin with arms folded

    LTM-4 Lightweight clothing mannequin

    Do you want to use your shop display to tell stories like from advertising campaigns? The LOFT collection will make it easy for you. The LTM4 lightweight clothing mannequin is one of the most dynamic items in the entire series. It is gently inclined. It rests on its right leg, with the other leg extended to the side. The left hand falls loosely along the...

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items