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900 is a collection of traditional full-face mannequins. Dedicated to stores with a variety of assortment. The classic silhouette of the men's mannequin will perfectly present everyday, but also elegant styling. Their greatest advantage is their slimmer and narrower design, which makes them especially suitable for younger men's clothes. This makes them versatile models that will make an attractive store window display. They fit into any interior and with any styling.

- Original models from the 900 Collection inspired by the catwalks. Classics in an original edition.
- High quality mannequins, prices affordable for everyone.
- Products dedicated to each target group. The perfect choice for your store that will always be on trend.

Classic premium man nequins at an encouraging price.

The stimulus for the 900 collection of men's mannequins came from the fashion runways. This gave the opportunity to create typical silhouettes with different poses. They are characterized by simplicity, high quality and affordable price. This series is intended for customers who are looking for cheaper, but at the same time very good quality products, made with due precision. Full-face mannequin is made of thinner material, which makes it lighter and more ergonomic to use. Creating an attractive exhibition consisting of several mannequins that are part of the 900 collection will be a remarkably simple matter. The situation is similar in a store space. Premium mannequins are designed to create your visions in all kinds of ways. Try it out while moving within your budget.

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  • 900-M1

    900M1 Men’s mannequin body

    Cheap display mannequins 900-M1 is made of extremely durable, high-quality fibreglass (FRP) and is the perfect base for any style designed for men. The smooth and abstract face of the 900 series models creates endless styling possibilities - it does not convey emotion, it does not impute age, making it perfect for both elegant boutiques for mature men and...

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  • 900-M2

    900M2 Display mannequin male matte

    The basic criterion of our classic 900 collection is to refer to tradition and to simplify mannequin work as much as possible. The male mannequin display in this series is designed for any type of garment; properly displayed, it will attract customers into the shop. The male mannequin cheap is extremely versatile, but at the same time unusual. In...

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  • 900-M3

    900M3 Mannequin window display

    Full body male mannequins belong to the basic 900 collection, which is guided by the idea that what is good should not be changed, only improved. This is exactly what this series is, and the male underwear mannequin included in it is a traditional model, inspired by fashion shows. Its purpose is to liven up a shop window, to give it a fresh look. His...

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  • Male dummy in stable position

    900M5 Full size male mannequin white matte

    The 900-M5 mannequin body male is a classic model on which any set of garments will look great. If you want your display to look traditional, this model will be your best option. On the other hand, this full-size male mannequin will perfectly show off an unconventional outfit. Realise its potential. Cheap male mannequin is flexible and versatile. His...

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items