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CLASSIC MODERN is a collection of high-quality men's mannequins created to accurately highlight the quality qualities of the garments on display. Their greatest advantage is that they are made of natural materials such as cotton and wood. This is our personal declaration that ecology is very important to us.

Mannequin with movable joints - a new interpretation of retro style

- Whole-body mannequins from the CLASSIC MODERN collection are characterized by a timeless design that will add variety to the interior of any store.
- Thanks to movable joints, you will create an original store display every time.
- Classics in a modern edition, also dedicated to premium boutiques and stores with elegant menswear.

Men's mannequinsCLASSIC MODERN are inspired by tailor mannequins and the interior of old studios, where elegance and style were felt. We gave it a breath of freshness, creating a series of mannequins with movable wooden hands. They can be freely arranged, bent - thus creating perfect store displays, creating various situations, captivating customers with the power of gestures and the potential of positioning. In particular, they are dedicated to exclusive boutiques. An additional advantage is the interchangeable fabric-finished heads, which we can replace with wire skeletons, as well as the possibility of choosing different finishes and colors. Another solution to make the product unique is the castomization of wooden hands. This is a unique solution that gives the all-wood mannequins in this collection an impressive look. Black and gray models showcase denim styling exceptionally well .

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  • ATM-G6

    ATM-G6 Mannequin grey

    Combining vintage style with modernity is the hallmark of the retro CLASSIC MODERN collection. The ATM-G6 male shop mannequin is inspired by the look and feel of old tailor shops. The dark grey colour and distinctive style of the mannequin will enhance the elegance of your shop window. It will also add a special touch to the interior of a boutique. Made...

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  • ATM-G7

    ATM-G7 Mannequin grey with cotton head

    The CLASSIC MODERN collection perfectly combines innovative solutions with retro style. The graphite men's mannequin in vintage style is inspired by the charm of former tailor's workshops, thus, it will meet all expectations, even the most unrealistic ones. The dark grey colour, almost like black, and its remarkable appearance, will emphasise the...

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  • ATM-T6

    ATM-T6 Male body mannequin wire-head

    The inspiration for this male body mannequin came from the fashionable tailoring studios of the last century. The distinguishing feature of this mannequin model is its wire-head, which gives it a distinctive character. This wire-head dummy will fit perfectly into any showcase, as it is the most innovative model in this collection. The natural materials...

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  • ATM-W6

    ATM-W6 Vintage male mannequin

    The masculine silhouette of the mannequin wooden hands incorporates both vintage style and 21st century innovation. The mannequin is based on a story from an old tailor's workshop. The light colour allows you to place the mannequin in dark interiors, where it will be reflected and thus look even more phenomenal. In bright surroundings, you will emphasise...

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  • ATM-W6-WH

    ATM-W6-WH Wooden mannequin with wooden head

    Wooden mannequin was created based on the interior design of a tailor's workshop from the beginning of the last century. With its appearance, it evidently represents the vintage style so coveted today. It is one of the most interesting models from the CLASSIC MODERN collection. The uniqueness of this mannequin is emphasised by the wooden head, which gives...

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  • ATM-W7

    ATM-W7 Cotton display mannequin

    The fabric head mannequin is modelled on the interior design of old tailor's workshops. Its style is a mixture of retro and modern, which gives an unusual impression as if those distant times are not gone at all. Because of the light-coloured materials used to create it, it can be set up in both dark interiors and light surroundings. Natural materials...

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items