Sustainable fashion goes beyond the boundaries of ethical production and the choice of ecological materials. If your brand emphasizes environmental protection, you should also pay attention to the context in which you present your collections. The future of visual merchandising lies in ecological mannequins that captivate with their aesthetics, durability, and recyclability. Their production is associated with a smaller carbon footprint, up to 90% less.

In our collections, we offer three versions of custom-made ecological mannequins:

• Paper and rice - made from recycled raw paper and rice glue.

• PET bottle and corn - made from fiber derived from recycled PET bottles and bio-resin from corn starch.

• Paper and corn - made from raffia paper, bio-resin, and recycled raw paper.

The mannequins can be finished with smooth, multi-layered eco-paper that accentuates the character of the display, or traditional, high-quality water-based paint. In both cases, we have eco-friendly mannequins available called PAPER SOUL.

The series of ecological mannequins is designed with attention to detail and modern design. Each of them has precise, perfectly balanced silhouette lines. The abstract, oval heads fit seamlessly into current exhibition trends. They are lightweight and easy to arrange, and their limbs are subtly elongated and anatomically reduced, giving the stylings a modern look.

We care about every detail of your order. Ecological mannequins can be delivered in eco-friendly packaging. All models are designed for recycling and reuse. Moreover, most ecological mannequins are available for short lead times. As a manufacturer of ecological mannequins, we are well aware that the demand for mannequins that emphasize a brand's commitment to sustainable fashion will continue to grow. Therefore, we want to meet your expectations. Please contact us for information on the short delivery time of our series of ecological mannequins.

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  • HOM-1 Male ECO mannequin

    Men's fashion must also be properly displayed, hence the growing trend for male mannequins. The male eco mannequin is the perfect combination of a classic, minimalist pose with the latest visual merchandising trends. A strong male position harmonizes with ecological raw materials and an avant-garde, smooth face. The male silhouette stands in front of the...

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  • HOM2 Male shop mannequin

    If you run a clothing store and want to present your offer in the best possible way, a male store mannequin is the perfect solution for you. Made of eco-friendly materials and with perfect dimensions, this product is ideal for showcasing various types of men's clothing. In our offer, you will find a male store mannequin in two color variants: matte white...

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items