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Exclusive classic is the guiding expression that accompanied us when designing the MISS ICON mannequin collection. We took care to ensure the highest quality, sculptural precision of lines and adaptation of the product to the expectations of demanding premium brands, which care about refined aesthetics, but also optimization of work in the boutique and at fashion shows.

- Target groups. Who did we create our latest collection for? Find out if it's about you!
- Timeless classics in a luxurious look. Dedicated to strong and independent women. Inspired by city life that constantly challenges you.
- Possible setting configurations. Get inspired by our suggestions. We offer the best solution for your store.
- ICON in a new look - lighter, more natural dimensions.

- Details that create a timeless and unique model compared to others. We go forward, constantly improving our classics.

This is a new, timeless iteration of the iconic ICON mannequin collection, aimed at a wider audience. To all creative brands that combine the styling of classic Parisian ateliers with a modern, lighter look. Where fashion still has an elegant and exquisite character. After all, "Paris is always a good idea." Today, however, a touch of fun, casual and artistic creation is added to this classic style.

The silhouettes of the classic MISS ICON mannequins correspond to theatrical poses and elegant styling on the one hand, while on the other hand they attract the eye of strong, independent YSL-style women who are firmly on the ground, playing with fashion and femininity.

The collection allows for solo display as well as minimalist arrangements in duets or more elaborate creations. We have placed great emphasis on the comfort of your work - the universal adaptation of mannequins to the needs of the fashion market. Classic MISS ICON mannequins are 188 cm tall, lightweight, weighing only 8,2 kg. Innovative technological solutions allow for quick assembly and styling changes. The base is fixed with Allen screws, and the body has a practical storage compartment for accessories.

We have taken care of the details. The feet of the mannequins allow you to present summer shoes, and the legs - tight pants or leggings. Classic mannequins surprise with expressive details that build around them an aura of luxury and elegance. An example? Gently raised hands, a slightly bowed head, a position in a subtle stride that exudes feminine strength and confidence.

Each set includes: a mannequin, a square metal base with a calf clip, gloves, correction paint and an ampoule key. The product can be made in any color, in matte or glossy finish. If you are interested, please visit our atelier in Warsaw to see the MISS ICON collection. Please make an appointment in advance.

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  • Damski manekin MOF2 MISS ICON w stabilnej pozycji

    MOF01-V2 MISS ICON female mannequin in a natural pose

    Exclusive shop mannequins can be part of the story told by your collection. They will emphasise its charm, reflecting the lifestyle of your customers. Cast your thoughts, for a moment, to the streets of Paris. Class always goes hand in hand with minimalism. The MOF1 full-figure women's mannequins from the unique, luxurious MISS ICON collection were...

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  • MOF1 MISS ICON manekin damski w naturalnej pozie

    MOF2-V2 MISS ICON Female mannequin in a still position

    A shop window attracts passers-by with its authenticity. This is the best way to catch the eye of passing women. Would you like to achieve such an effect? The display mannequins from the MISS ICON collection are the quintessence of natural elegance, with ease. The MOF2 women's mannequin for clothes is the best example of this. The upright female figure,...

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  • MOF3 MISS ICON damski manekin całopostaciowy na torebkę

    MOF03-V2 Pretty mannequin

    The pretty mannequin (MOF3) from the MISS ICON collection evokes stories about city girls - strong, in love with quality and aesthetics, who, just like the in the American series "Sex in the city", spend their free time shopping. Would they like your collections? If so, white MOF3 mannequins for clothes will help you to create original display...

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  • MISS ICON MOF2-L manekin na wystawę sklepową

    MOF02l-V2 Exhibition mannequin

    Designing a boutique window often comes with space limitations. It is sometimes not easy to establish contact with customers and invite them into the world of the brand with just a few metres of space. That is why it is so important to pay attention to detail in modern visual merchandising. The MOF2-L minimalist mannequins, with their simple, confident...

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items