Discover NANOFORM - the latest innovation in eco-friendly mannequins, perfectly tailored for the vibrant and dynamic world of young adult fashion. Born from the esteemed WISE Mannequins family, NANOFORM merges environmental consciousness with cutting-edge durability and user-friendly design, making it the ideal choice for young fashion retailers and visual merchandisers aiming to showcase their collections with flair and sophistication.

Eco-friendly Innovation

NANOFORM stands as a testament to our commitment to the planet, upholding WISE Mannequins' dedication to sustainable practices:

  • Lower CO2 Footprint: Constructed from ABS material, NANOFORM significantly lowers CO2 emissions by 60% compared to traditional FRP clothing mannequins, offering a more environmentally friendly solution for your display requirements.
  • Commitment to Zero Waste: NANOFORM is recyclable, pushing the boundaries towards a retail future with minimal environmental impact.
  • Safety First: Produced in a toxin-free environment, NANOFORM is the result of responsible waste management and a dedicated 1 mannequin = 1 tree initiative, deepening its eco-friendly promise.
  • True to Sustainability: NANOFORM cuts through the noise of greenwashing, setting a new standard for genuine sustainable mannequin production.

Unmatched Durability

NANOFORM is engineered to last, offering unparalleled resilience:

  • Virtually Indestructible: Thanks to its sturdy ABS build, NANOFORM redefines durability, standing up to the rigorous demands of young fashion retail spaces.
  • Fire Resistant: Equipped with the 5VB flame retardant, ensuring that safety accompanies long-lasting use.
  • Scratch Resistant: An innovative anti-scratch coating maintains NANOFORM’s flawless look, guaranteeing its longevity.
  • Stable and Robust: With a metal base and a secure calf fitting, NANOFORM remains firmly in place, embodying strength in every pose.

User-Friendly Design

NANOFORM transcends expectations, offering ease and efficiency:

  • Straight Pose Design: Designed for modernity and simple dressing, its straight poses become the perfect backdrop for the latest fashion trends.
  • Modular and Innovative: NANOFORM includes varied arm designs with magnetic fittings, allowing for creative and flexible visual merchandising.
  • Effortless Setup: Each NANOFORM comes with a QR code that directs to easy-to-follow assembly instructions via video, ensuring a hassle-free installation.

Ideal for showcasing fashion lines that emphasize self-expression, NANOFORM is not just any mannequin - it's a movement towards a more sustainable, durable, and user-centric future in visual merchandising. For stores that prioritize style, integrity, and environmental responsibility, NANOFORM offers an unparalleled solution, where every detail is crafted with the eco-consciousness in mind.

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    HF1 Eco-friendly Female Mannequin

    Sustainable, high quality HF1 - The Ultimate in Simple, Versatile Design Introducing the HF1 by NANOFORM, a beacon of minimalistic design paired with unmatched practicality. Crafted from eco-friendly ABS, the HF1 underscores NANOFORM's commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and fulfilling a zero-waste initiative. Featuring two interchangeable hand styles...

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