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Simplicity never goes out of fashion. The ONE collection of abstract mannequins is a perfect example of this. The displays from this line are the essence of modern minimalism. Subdued poses combined with carefully designed hand gestures create figures that look great solo, as well as in group compositions.

● A collection ideal for modern casual fashionstores
● Abstract mannequins facing forward, varying hand positions
● Made of fiberglass, matte white color as standard(possibility of any color on request)

What distinguishes a good storefront display?

The best storefronts are those that encourage customers to enter. They should be intriguing, out-of-the-box and designed so that the focus is on the clothes, not the mannequins. The ONE collection, inspired by minimalist trends, is the answer. The figures with geometric lines in a uniform pose facing forward differ only in the positioning of their hands. Thanks to this, they create interesting arrangements, while at the same time not overshadowing the exposed garments.

Women's mannequins from a European manufacturer are a guarantee of quality

ONE fiberglass figures with high resistance to scratches and damage are products of the highest quality. In the standard offer they are available in matte white color, but they can be made in any color with matte or glossy finish.

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  • ONF-A

    ONFA Female mannequin with abstract and semi - abstract head

    Female mannequins displays are products that make it easy to present unique styles. Every good marketer knows the power of a properly prepared display - making sure there is no boredom connected to it. Order a standing mannequin with its hands resting subtly on the hips. This symmetrical figure is the perfect way to present garments in elegant display...

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  • ONF-B

    ONFB Female mannequin body

    With this symmetrical and extremely realistic mannequin, you can be sure that the clothing styles you create will look refined and elegant. In a display arranged in this way, the cut of the garment presented comes to the fore. The bright colour and the palms turned outwards make the whole appearance sophisticated, feminine and minimalistic.Check out the...

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  • ONF-C

    ONFC Female mannequin for sale

    A slender and elegant figure with two head variations to choose from is another mannequin from the ONE CLASSIC collection. The symmetrical front body positioning with an extremely minimalist finish will work well not only in exclusive clothing boutiques, but also in chain stores and even in tailor's workshops. This classic female display mannequin should...

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  • ONF-D

    ONFD Female full body mannequin

    There is power in simplicity and minimalism. We have seen this in the huge success of the female full body mannequin in the upright standing position. It is so versatile that it will perfectly highlight any style - sporty, casual, elegant as well as evening wear. However, what sets our model apart from most simple, low-cost mannequins is its attention to...

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  • ONF-E

    ONFE Female mannequin with head

    Looking for a way to display the women's clothing available in your shop's collection in an intriguing way? There is no better solution than to show customers how the garments will exactly look and fit on the body. To do this, the interior of your boutique must not lack a female mannequin with head in an interesting position. Buy store displays direct...

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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items