B-G Round glass base 42 cm

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  • Calf 2
  • J1 or R1

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A suitable mannequin base guarantees not only stability, but also proper display. The modern round glass base will help to create an elegant display, matching any style presented on the mannequin. Ergonomically designed fixtures guarantee comfort for everyday use. Importantly, the calf attachment allows shoes to be worn.

The base is made of durable, resistant and tempered glass.

Which dummy mount should I choose? Base attachment for calf, thigh or foot?

A base is a base

How do you choose the best base? It's easy - just pay attention to a few parameters: stability, quality, material and attachment option.

Whether the base is stable is defined by its diameter and thickness. Choose the optimal one to suit the size of your display.

The best choice: a glass mannequin base

The advantage of glass bases is their versatility. The transparent glass easily adapts to any type of floor, platform or mannequin stand. The problem of selecting a matching shade, for example, to match the colour scheme imposed by the shop window or décor, does not arise. Glass is a classic material - regardless of interior trends, it is always a matching accessory.

Ergonomic dummy handle

The ease of handling will significantly simplify the daily work of those responsible for the appearance of the shop window. And the calf holder allows for a comprehensive presentation of the range, as it allows shoes to be worn. We offer two variants of glass bases for adult mannequins: B-G1 with J1, R1 rod spacing and B-G2 with Calf-2 rod spacing.

Opt for durability

Don't hesitate: order the durable glass mannequin base now. It is the right choice if you are looking for a solution that will last for many years. Still in doubt? Call or write to us - we will help you find the best solution.


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