Mannequins in a very realistic way replace a living person. Thanks to preserved proportions and body size, they allow you to present a given outfit in an extraordinary way. Products perfectly matched to current fashion trends make the latest styles look truly unique. Learn about torso mannequins and displays and find out when they are the most popular.

Women's and men's models

In the basic version, we can divide store mannequins into two groups: women's and men's. In both of these cases, we can apply an additional criterion of age. Among the most popular are all-over mannequins, which does not mean that they always work best. It is for this reason that in the offer of our online store you will find partial models, that is, those that present only selected parts of the body. The choice of the right variant largely depends on the store's assortment. Boutiques selling stockings or pantyhose most often choose mannequins of the legs themselves. In the case of stores engaged in the sale of lingerie, store mannequins of torsos are very popular. Among the available products there is also no shortage of models showing the human structure from the waist down and vice versa.

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Mannequin torso

In the offer of our online store you will find a wide selection of torsos and displays for stores. Among the available assortment there will be no shortage of women's, men's and children's torsos. These products are used by many retail lines. The torso mannequin is most often used in stores that sell lingerie. It will also be an excellent choice if you have a small space and would like to present individual models of T-shirts. Mannequins presenting the lower part of the body are very often used in boutiques selling pants.