Female mannequins  

Among mannequins, those that clearly indicate a particular gender are very popular. Constantly changing market needs cause manufacturers to outdo each other in creating, new, more innovative models. Explore women's mannequins popular not only in the world of fashion.

Women's mannequins are perfect not only in storefronts. Depending on the needs, they are also used in tailoring or at fashion shows. A wide selection of models makes it easy for any designer to choose a variant that will perfectly highlight a particular creation. It should also not be forgotten that women's mannequins are also gladly chosen, as decorative elements of homes. Depending on your needs, they can be located in the living room or in the dressing room, where they will perfectly replace the classic hanger. The use of women's mannequins in homes is especially useful before important outings. Placing a prepared outfit on such a product ensures that no unwanted creases will form.

Women's store mannequins

In the case of store mannequins, the choice of the ideal variant is not at all so simple. First of all, we should take into account what kind of clothes we are going to present, and consequently, whether the mannequin should be in motion or take a steady position. Making the right decision has a key impact on how we will present the clothing in question. According to current trends, elegant creations should be presented on store mannequins that are in a static position. If, on the other hand, we are in the business of selling sports clothes, we should definitely choose models that are in motion, in order to make the offered assortment look as natural as possible.

Women's mannequin

Women's mannequins of different colors deserve special attention. Interestingly, the issue of color applies not only to skin tones. Nowadays, many boutiques choose to purchase mannequins in white to emphasize the depth of the colors of the clothes on display. When should we decide to buy mannequins in color? Currently used to highlight the prevailing season or the country of origin of the brand of clothing offered. After all, it should be noted that dark-skinned store mannequins are definitely more often seen in store windows in summer. This is mainly due to the fact that garments in shades of white or with intense colors definitely look better on a model resembling a holiday tan.

Women's full-face mannequins

A wide selection of mannequins also gives us the opportunity to choose a model adapted to the type of clothing being sold. For stores offering lingerie, full-figure mannequins are rarely or not used at all. This is mainly due to the fact that in the case of such an assortment, partial mannequins presenting a specific part of the body will work much better. In this case, whole-body mannequins, if they occur at all, are usually used in the main showcase to present a set.

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