Abstraction or realism? Mannequins - true works of art!

Abstraction or realism? Mannequins - true works of art!

In our latest blog post, where we explain the process of designing mannequins, we included a statement that they can take on different forms: abstract, realistic, or both at once. But what determines the final choice of style? What sets these forms apart?

Realism - Tribute to the beauty of the human body

The realistic style in the mannequin industry primarily concerns their heads and faces. Sculptors strive to capture every detail as accurately as possible, making them resemble humans and convey emotions despite their static nature. The richness of details, however, doesn't only apply to the upper part of the body - special models of realistic mannequins can even have the outlines of veins, although they are only prepared for customized orders due to the time-consuming nature of their creation.

The entire silhouette of a realistic display is created in accordance with the principles of anatomy. The adopted pose faithfully presents the capabilities of the human body - the bend of the wrist determines the position of the hand, which in turn affects the posture of the entire figure. As an example, we present a female mannequin from the INDIVIDUAL REALISTIC collection. The torso is partially turned to the left, the left leg takes a step forward, and the right leg is far back. The left arm is straight and hidden at the back, the right arm is bent at the elbow with the hand placed close to the face, in a charming and fashionable pose inspired by classic supermodel poses. When you encounter the gaze of eyes directed toward you, will you immediately recognize that this is not a human?

Abstraction - Every artist's dream

Importantly, realistic poses also appear in mannequins crafted in an abstract style. The above-described effect of extraordinary detail in the posed position can be observed, among others, in the ICON ABSTRACT line, whose name reflects the applied form - although in the case of these types of mannequins, the unusually oval head or the absence of a nose and eyes will surely catch your attention.

Every artist dreams of the opportunity to prove their creativity and create unconventional artwork. In the case of mannequins, the abstract style is precisely the chance to unleash one's imagination. However, the entire design must be cohesive, reflecting the main concept of the given line. It is not a random combination of abstract details; rather, it is a well-thought-out concept.

manekin abstrakcyjny

What characteristics distinguish abstract mannequins?

  • Oval head,
  • Absence of eyes, nose, and mouth,
  • Unusually long neck,
  • Elongated limbs,
  • Geometric shapes,
  • Freedom of proportions (e.g. overly long fingers compared to hands).

Abstract mannequins attract customers' gaze, captivate, and arouse curiosity. Just like the IN TOUCH collection, which embodies the independence and self-assurance of modern women. Emotion-infused poses create a perfect synergy with the abstract style of the displays' execution.

Semi-abstraction, the perfect compromise

In our portfolio, we also have semi-abstract collections that blend features of both realistic and abstract styles. The NEXT line presents female silhouettes with beautifully sculpted body lines, as well as distinct outlines of faces, noses, and eyes. The geometric symmetry of the adopted poses makes them more dynamic and human-like.

On the other hand, the semi-abstract ONE CLASSIC collection maintains a more static style. The prevailing minimalism harmonizes perfectly with stylizations in dark shades, emphasizing the simplicity and elegance of the entire composition.

manekin semi-abstrakcyjny

Exceptional beauty. Mannequins, the works of art

Each line of mannequins has its soul and story. Nothing is created by chance - every detail often involves hours of analysis, ideas, and trials. We strive for unique MORE Mannequins collections to tell that story. For our products to be something more than just mannequins. To be true works of art - and we are delighted that we continue to succeed in doing so!