Help / FAQ

1. What is the delivery time?

2. Can the delivery come faster than the standard delivery time?

3. Why does it cost so much for transportation?

4. Why is the delivery time to England so long?

5. Where do we manufacture our mannequins?

6. What are the terms of reservation?

7. What is the waiting time for a mannequin that is not available on the website?

8 What is the warranty?

9. Does it offer rental of mannequins?

10. Is it possible to order a mannequin according to your own design?

11. Is it possible to order a mannequin in any color?

12. Is it possible to change the color of the fabric in a mannequin trimmed with fabric?

13. What will I find in the box with the full-figure mannequin?

14. Do we sell the base and other mannequin parts alone?

15. What are the dimensions of the bases?

16. When ordering the torso, will I get the stand as a set?

17. Do we have adjustable stands in mannequin torsos?

18. Can the legs/torso/hands from one model be interchanged with parts of another model?

19. How much does a full-figure mannequin weigh?

20. How to assemble a full body dummy?

21. What to do , if the leg does not want to enter? It does not twist ?

22. What to do , if there is a problem with the assembly of the body? Doesn't it turn?