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  • FB1-WM
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  • AS-FB2-WM

    Interchangeable female mannequin arms AS-FB2-WM

    Our innovative Interchangeable Arms for "hunch" positions are a solution that will help you invigorate your presentations and strengthen your brand message. With them, you can create up to 4 different setting combinations using just one mannequin.

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  • FS-MW

    Interchangeable Mannequin Head FS-MW

    An ecological mannequin head is the key to endless styling possibilities. Whether you're showcasing youth clothing, sporty outfits, or elegant creations, by turning the mannequin head in any direction, you bring dynamism and movement to the presentation. This remarkable feature allows for easy adoption of various poses.

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  • AF1 damski manekin z ABS

    AF1 ABS female mannequin

    The sustainable, clothing mannequin AF1 - The quintessence of simplicity and elegance The AF1 model from AURA stands as a testament to minimalist design fused with high functionality. Crafted entirely from sustainable ABS, this clothing mannequin echoes AURA’s commitment to reduced CO2 emissions and a zero-waste vision. Available with two hand designs...

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All about mannequins



Great quality! I ordered ABS mannequins to try them out, and I'm delighted with their functionality and craftsmanship. They look fantastic.


The quality of the mannequins and service is top-notch! Also, the option for customization is a big plus; I received mannequins in exactly the color I imagined :)


The mannequin assembly was very quick and trouble-free, we will definitely be coming back for more.

Mannequins are an essential accessory for any retail outlet. They are placed both inside the shop and on the shop window, which attracts the attention of potential customers.

Manufacturer of mannequins 

MORE Mannequins is Europe's leading manufacturer of mannequins. Customers can choose from a variety of colours, designs, as well as styles. Of course, they are all divided by gender: women's, men's, children's. It is worth noting that we not only have full-figure mannequins, but also displays. The mannequins we produce are distinguished by their quality, as well as their precision workmanship. This is why we are trusted by the largest chains in Europe, who use our services. If you trust us, we will prepare your order and dispatch it the very next day. Don't have what you need on offer? Not a problem for us, because as a manufacturer we have the ability to realise our customers' ideas.

Full-face mannequins

Full-figure mannequins make up the bulk of our range. We have abstract, semi-abstract, realistic and also special mannequins. The former have an egg-shaped head or delicately outlined facial features. The realistic mannequins are equipped with a wig, as well as varied make-up. Our special mannequins are products used to present specific products. We have models called lingerie, plus size, maternity, as well as sports and flexible models. We can offer our customers several options for personalising their mannequins. This will include, for example, ageing, applying graphics or tattoos to the mannequin. We also offer accessories for decorating the mannequin. These include false eyelashes, stickers imitating parts of the face or wigs. We also have platforms, supports and seats that make it easier to position the mannequins correctly.

Shop mannequins

Our full-figure mannequins, as well as torsos and displays, are perfect for shop interiors. You can decide for yourself which style of these products will suit your shop best. What is more, you can choose mannequins for the display of your goods. We are talking, for example, about sportswear. Sportswear will look best on sports mannequins, which can be placed in various poses. Pregnant women's clothes, on the other hand, should be presented on mannequins reflecting the curves of the belly. Such a presentation of clothing is much more likely to appeal to potential customers!

Why is it worth buying at MORE Mannequins

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Don't waste time on research. Choose from new models of mannequins. The selected offer is in line with current visual merchandising trends.



Boutique opening in just three days? Order your shop mannequins online. We dispatch the mannequins quickly - even within 24 hours of receiving your order.

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Forget about replacing your boutique mannequins every few seasons. The durability of our products is a result of their quality and well-thought-out ergonomics. With us, you are investing for years.

Planet friendly


We have created a line of eco mannequins that are less polluting and implement a sustainable strategy. We start with ourselves, minimising our contribution to environmental pollution.

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Choose any mannequin colour that matches your brand. It takes only five working days to complete a customised order of mannequins for your shop!

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Buy ONLINE without any worries. In our shop you can pay with your credit card, bank transfer and via PayPal’s fast payment gateway.

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