Discover AURA: The Future of Sustainable Mannequins in Visual Merchandising

Discover AURA: The Future of Sustainable Mannequins in Visual Merchandising

Introducing the latest innovation from WISE Mannequins in collaboration with MORE Mannequins – the AURA series, a game-changer in sustainable visual merchandising, set to redefine elegance and function for today's discerning fashion brands. AURA doesn't just represent a shift towards eco-consciousness in retail; it's a bold step into the future of fashion display, where every detail celebrates sustainability without compromising on style and sophistication.

With great excitement and anticipation, WISE Mannequins is proud to announce the launch of AURA, our brand-new, sustainable mannequin series. Infused with a powerful blend of impeccable design, ethical craftsmanship, and long-lasting materials, AURA is designed to meet the needs of eco-friendly fashion brands, detail-oriented visual merchandisers, and forward-thinking retailers who place a premium on ethics and aesthetics alike.

Sustainability at its Core

AURA emerges as a response to the growing demand for planet-friendly alternatives in visual merchandising. Our approach is straightforward – create clothing mannequins that not only look outstanding but also are kind to the environment. By choosing ABS over conventional FRP, AURA mannequins cut down CO2 emissions by 60%, making a substantial difference in your store's carbon footprint. Our commitment to a zero-waste vision means each AURA mannequin is recyclable, helping to pioneer a shift towards more sustainable retail practices. Safety is paramount, both for the end-user and during manufacturing. AURA is produced with the greatest care, ensuring that our processes are as responsible as our products. Through our “1 mannequin = 1 tree” program, we go beyond the product, investing in reforestation efforts that underline our dedication to the planet.

Durability Redefined

In retail, durability is non-negotiable. AURA doesn’t compromise, bringing you clothing mannequins that are engineered to last, backed by an extended 10-year warranty. AURA’s robust ABS structure resists the typical wear and tear of busy retail settings. Safety meets durability with AURA’s flame retardant 5VB classification. Keep your displays looking immaculate with AURA’s anti-scratch coating. A sturdy metal base and sturdy calf fitting mean your AURA mannequin is always poised with grace.

Designed for Convenience

AURA is created with the user in mind, offering unmatched simplicity and ease of handling. The mannequins feature straight poses for trouble-free dressing and a flawless presentation. With magnetic fittings, AURA can adapt to various display requirements with ease. Each mannequin includes a QR code linking to video assembly instructions – set-up has never been so effortless.

The AURA Range

Take the first step into a world where elegance aligns with ethical responsibility:

AF1 and AF1-H female mannequins

Immerse yourself in the simplistic beauty and function of the AF1, crafted for those who rate and respect sustainability as much as they do style.

Our AURA collection currently includes AF1 and AF1-H female mannequins, each designed to bring a touch of simplicity and elegance to any fashion display. Stay tuned for more as we expand our range of AURA models as well as WISE Mannequins series, offering innovative and environmentally respectful solutions that don't sacrifice style or functionality.

The launch of AURA marks a significant milestone in our ongoing quest to support the fashion industry in becoming more sustainable. Not only do our clothing mannequins help you communicate the uniqueness of your garments, but they also convey a profound message about the importance of conscious consumerism and sustainable retailing.

Visualise your fashion pieces in a new light with AURA. Visit our online store to explore the full potential of these remarkable creations, and join us in stepping towards a greener, more responsible future.

Discover the AURA Series – Shape the future of fashion display with sustainability and style.

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