How to choose mannequins for football apparel stores?

How to choose mannequins for football apparel stores?

Mannequins help present products in the best possible way and stimulate the imagination of customers themselves. However, it is important to properly tailor them to the industry in which we operate. How is it in the case of football apparel stores? We have prepared a few tips that will allow you to build a thoughtful and intriguing store display for footballers.

Discover our strongest arguments in favor of football mannequins!

  • Football mannequins resonate with the customer's passion, increasing interest in the showcased apparel.
  • They allow for precise presentation of clothing in the best possible light.
  • They enable the display of complete outfits, boosting demand for full styling.
  • A football player mannequin serves as a visual attraction in the store.

Why is window display important in clothing stores designed for footballers?

A football mannequin is an effective tool for showcasing how sportswear will fit on the body. By choosing dynamic sports mannequins, you can add expressiveness to the store window, which in turn will attract the attention of potential customers. Why else is it worth choosing high-quality sports mannequins to create a football store display?

A football player mannequin accurately replicates the movements and poses adopted by real players. This allows the customer to easily imagine how a t-shirt, shorts, leggings, or headbands will look on them. A full-body player mannequin also allows for the creation of a complete outfit using a wide range of items. By putting together a cohesive football outfit, you increase the likelihood of selling the entire set.

Moreover, a player mannequin serves as a visual attraction, capturing the attention of customers and adding aesthetic appeal to the store. It can be further styled and decorated to reflect current trends in sports. A football enthusiast, upon seeing sports apparel on a football mannequin, will identify more with it than with the static pose of another display.

How to choose a football mannequin correctly?

At MORE Mannequins, you will find sports mannequins in various configurations. Football is a dynamic sport, and the mannequins used in a football apparel store should reflect this dynamism. What models of football mannequins do we particularly recommend? 

  • Runner Sports Mannequin - adding expressiveness to the store window; looks excellent in the company of other "running" mannequins. 
  • Stretching Figure - a figure still dynamic, but slightly less so than the runner; fits in perfectly among other sports mannequins, for example, with a football player.
  • Goal-Scoring Runner Mannequin - a mannequin figure in a winning position, arms raised up; perfectly showcases full football attire along with accessories.
  • Universal Pose Mannequin - a versatile mannequin that complements football store displays perfectly.

When choosing the right mannequins for a football store, it's crucial to ensure they accurately reflect the characteristic positions of this sport. This way, customers will feel like they're stepping into a professional store designed with their unique passion for football in mind from the moment they walk through the door. It's important to remember that full-body mannequins should appear realistic. This allows the customer to identify with the presented figure and envision how a particular football outfit will look on their own body.

Football Mannequin and Technical Solutions

The complex and dynamic poses assumed by a player mannequin require proper stabilization to ensure that the displays perform their function flawlessly. Achieving this is aided by the use of an appropriate type of base. In this case, metal bases prove to be the most effective, providing not only stability but also safety.

For the perfect sports mannequins for football stores, as well as suitable bases and other technical solutions, you can find them all in the full range of MORE Mannequins store.