Need it? Buy it! Mannequins available immediately

Need it? Buy it! Mannequins available immediately

One of the distinguishing features of MORE Mannequins is the ability to customize mannequins and tailor their appearance to individual needs, although preparing such a product takes more time. However, we also have impressive warehouse resources with ready-made mannequins available immediately! What products do we offer, what is the delivery time, and which customers most often use our warehouse resources?

Mannequins available immediately and fast delivery

 The MORE Mannequins warehouse is located in Warsaw – this is where we store over 4000 ready-to-go mannequins. We strive to maintain the availability of the most popular collections, providing our customers with a wide range of products. We fulfill both single-unit orders and more advanced requests. For one clothing store with locations in Poland and throughout Europe, we delivered over 1000 mannequins within two weeks! The key to fulfilling this order was our experience and effective logistical planning. The customer provided us with a list of stores and mannequins, and we efficiently organized the entire process.

Our warehouse stocks are mainly used by smaller and medium-sized businesses, which can order any quantity of available products at any time. This is particularly beneficial for them in case of the sudden expansion of their store collections. We can deliver mannequins within the next business day in Poland and within 3 days in Europe. Although we also ship our products to countries such Qatar, or the USA.

Best collections of mannequins available immediately - what to choose?

 Speed of delivery is important, but the quality of products available immediately in our online store is even more crucial. The variety of collections with a wide range of applications allows you to choose the right silhouette or style of mannequin, even for the most demanding displays. The mannequins in our offer maintain high standards of craftsmanship and will present clothing in the proper way. Here are a few recommended collections categorized according to their purpose.

Best Price Choice - In this category, we particularly recommend the SERIES 900. Mannequins are available in 4 standard positions, suitable for many styles.

Versatility - We highlight mannequins from the AEGON line, with a large selection of silhouettes – 17 ready-made female models and 14 male models. This minimalist collection can be used for presenting suits, evening dresses, as well as sportswear or casual outfits.

Elegance - The ONE collection is popular in this category. The series features mannequins in simple, classic poses, allowing the effective presentation of every garment, especially suits.

Classic - As the name suggests, we recommend choosing the CLASSIC MODERN collection, a blend of vintage style with subtle modern elements.

Group Presentation - The INDIVIDUAL line deserves special attention in this category. Its modern design – abstract body line, rounded shapes, long neck, elongated legs, arms, and hands – fits perfectly for group presentations, showcasing mannequins in dynamic poses (there are 13 to choose from).

Children's Mannequins - Among children's mannequins, the bestselling ID line and the new TOMBOY line stand out, showcasing dynamic positions adopted by children during play or physical activities.

Exclusivity - The ICON line of mannequins is dedicated especially to exclusive boutiques. The styling is based on the look of famous divas from the 20s-30s.

Youth Collection - The IN TOUCH collection was created for presenting the styles of individuals under 25. Mannequins create compositions showing young people together, for example, during social gatherings or casual conversations.

In addition to these, we also offer specialized mannequins for pregnancy, plus size, and packshot displays.

Quality, speed of operation, advice – you will find everything at MORE Mannequins!

As we often tell our customers, it is better to buy a smaller number of mannequins made of better materials than to focus solely on quantity. Our products are a long-term investment because they stand out for their quality and exceptional aesthetic qualities, allowing for effective presentation of styles.

At every stage, we provide our customers with advice – you can consult with our specialists over the phone to choose the right mannequins based on their purpose, the nature of the store, or the available space in a particular location. We also have a showroom in Warsaw, where customers can come to view mannequins and see how clothes look on a specific model – in this case, interested parties can also rely on the professional advice of MORE Mannequins specialists. Fast delivery, a wide range, and the ability to choose ensure a compromise for our customers between very good quality and price!