Which sports mannequin to choose for your shop?

Which sports mannequin to choose for your shop?

A sports mannequin is an important piece of equipment for sports shops. A mannequin in motion reflects the arrangement of sports styling and stimulates the imagination of customers. After all, clothing shops should present the available merchandise in an appropriate way to encourage purchase and present the best possible assets. Which sports mannequin should you choose for your shop? Check out the tips!

  • Dynamic positions of full-face mannequins attract customers' attention
  • Combine simple and more elaborate positions for better presentation of products
  • Sports mannequins are available in positions specific to different disciplines, e.g., running, yoga, acrobatics or even cycling
  • It is worth choosing mannequins for the shop with a metal base to ensure stability
  • Mannequin mounts adapt to the position they are designed for

Sports mannequin for shops - what position to choose?

Shop mannequins should be selected according to the type of products you sell. If you have sportswear on offer, it is worth opting for a sports mannequin in a dynamic position. Such a solution is more eye-catching and at the same time stimulates the imagination of your audience. They can visualise themselves wearing the product during physical activity.

It is extremely important that the full-face mannequins have a natural position that looks realistic and at the same time is straight, which will make it much easier for employees to dress up. This translates into attractive shop displays and product presentation, as well as free, effortless modification - for example, when a customer wishes to measure an article on the shop mannequin.

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Type of products and choice of sports mannequin

- Do you have tennis-related products in your product range? Then instead of a mannequin in an acrobatic position, it is much better to choose a mannequin that plays tennis.

- Do you sell clothing for runners? A mannequin in a position that simulates running will certainly best reflect the character of this type of product.

- Wondering how best to present yoga clothing? By reaching for mannequins in appropriate poses, of course - be sure to check out the mannequin that does yoga.

- Are you looking for a mannequin that will present your Nordic walking poles, swimsuit, hiking backpack or other discipline-specific products well? The range of sports mannequins is truly impressive, and you will certainly find a suitable model.

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What technical solutions for a sports mannequin should you choose?

Full-face mannequins must have a suitable structure that provides the necessary stability. Particular attention should be paid to the type of base. As sports mannequins have complex positions - e.g., standing on one leg, leaning on their hands - they must be properly supported. Metal bases are a good choice, which guarantee the mannequin's stability and safety.

Another important consideration is the type of attachment. The rod in the calf keeps the structure in the desired position, but also makes it possible to remove the mannequin from the base and disguise it freely. Also, be aware that when it comes to shop mannequins, there are quite a few mounting solutions available. For detailed guidance, see the article: "Which mount for a mannequin should I choose? Fixing the base to the calf, thigh or foot?”.