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110-FDT1 Female mannequin torso with head

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A female mannequin head with shoulders is a way of presenting an attractive range and adding variety to shop windows. It goes well with other models in the series. It is ideal for both fashion and lingerie boutiques.

See male headless torso:

Female mannequin head with shoulders as a shop window element

Do you want your shop window to attract attention and stand out from the competition? Invest in top-quality products from MORE Mannequins. Introducing a collection which is perfect for presenting clothing, underwear and various accessories. The figure with its slightly curved body and raised hip looks as if it is frozen in motion. She seems to be curious about something she is looking at intently. The model precisely reproduces the details of the female figure. This makes the clothing or underwear on display more attractive to potential customers.

Mannequin torso with head - tell your customers a story

This product from MORE Mannequins has been refined down to the smallest detail. This design draws the customer's attention not only to the garment itself, but also to the figure. The slim female silhouette (size 36) will showcase a variety of collections - winter, summer, business, casual or sporty. With this model, you can answer any narrative to your customers - a thoughtful, on-point woman is the ideal base for many stylings. The female mannequin torso with head will find use in smaller shop windows. It can also be used in lingerie and accessory shops. The female mannequin head with shoulders has been made from high-quality materials. The fibreglass combines the strength of plastic with the elegance of glass. A metal base L-TS25-60W can be ordered for the set.

Female mannequin torso with head with delivery to your shop

We are a European mannequin manufacturer - we supply only high-quality models. We provide an attractive lead time with delivery to your shop. Choose our mannequin - let premium quality come to your boutique.

Data sheet

Height 105 cm / 41 in
Chest 87 cm
Waist 63 cm
Hips 86 cm
Gender female
Colour white matt 9003


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