120-F1-W Vintage mannequin torso

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A mannequin bust stand with a natural, upright silhouette will work well as a high-end clothing display. The feminine torso with a cut-out waist is covered in light cotton. The head is directed gently upwards, giving the mannequin a light and subtle character. A distinctive feature that will allow you to add variety to any display are the wooden hands. You can freely position and twist them, arranging the display in a variety of avant-garde poses.

Mannequins made of natural materials are mounted on a steel stand, which you will find in our shop.

Mannequin pictured with base L-TS25-120B

Mannequin bust stand to match your style

Add an avant-garde flair to your collections by displaying the styles on retro mannequins - covered in fabric, without the plastic surround. Traditional mannequins made of natural materials are associated with prestige. And so is the 120 collection, which you can additionally tailor to your own expectations. You can choose how to the mannequins are finished - from classic fabric to grey or an aged vintage style.

See the all-over tailoring mannequins for the exhibition: https://moremannequins.co.uk/female-mannequins-classic-modern.49

Ecology in a fashion brand - Mannequins made of natural materials

How do you emphasise the eco style of your brand? Minimise the amount of synthetic material in your boutique. If you are displaying high-end styles - do it on eco mannequins made of natural materials. These products are created to reduce your carbon footprint.

Vintage mannequin torso for an exhibition or event

You need a mannequin bust stand "yesterday". We are well aware of the deadlines in the market, so we make sure that your favourite designs are always available. Please feel free to ask us about the availability of a decorative female mannequin.

Data sheet

Height 107 cm / 42 in
Chest 87 cm
Waist 62 cm
Hips 91 cm
Gender female
Material cotton, wood
Colour warm white RAL9003


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  • Podstawa do torsów 120 cm

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    The stable 120cm dummy body base is a practical and functional solution. It allows the torso mannequin to be displayed at the same height as a full-body mannequin. Using this stand, the torso can stand on its own on the showcase at a height of approximately 180cm. This black stand is designed for the following collections: 120 SERIES , 100 WOMEN HEADLESS,...

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