Visual Merchandising Trends for 2024-2026 in Fashion Stores

Visual Merchandising Trends for 2024-2026 in Fashion Stores

Visual merchandising is the silent language of your fashion store, and the words it speaks are crafted by the innovative displays you choose. In the dynamic world of retail, the coming years, 2024 to 2026, will see a surging tide of contemporary trends reshaping the way we shop and the aesthetics that drive sales. For retail business owners and fashion brands looking to anchor their strategy in current and upcoming trends, understanding the pivotal role of high-quality mannequins is non-negotiable. This blog post delves deep into the visual merchandising trends you should be aware of and how the mannequins you display can make or break the immersion of your customers.

The voice of your display is your silent salesperson, and the script for 2024-2026 is filled with exciting new dialogue. Let us explore further this ever-changing story, unpack why clothing mannequins are the main actors, and provide insights into optimising the performance of your visual merchandising ensemble. 


Imagine walking into a fashion store and being greeted by a window display that tells a story— the mannequins, the colours, and the arrangement reaching out with a visible ambience. It is an experience that we, as customers, value and remember. In the competitive marketplace of fashion, visual merchandising stands as a beacon of differentiation and brand expression.

But the story does not just unfold on its own—it is the craftsmanship that makes the difference. Fashion mannequins are more than mere props, they are actors in the narrative of style and substance. They must be chosen with utmost care, aligned with the thematic goals of the store, and versatile enough to evolve with your displays.

Visual Merchandising Trends in 2024-2026

Trend 1: Minimalistic Displays

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and minimalistic designs resonate with the contemporary shopper. In the years ahead, we foresee a rise in visual merchandising that abstain from clutter in favour of clear themes that let the products speak for themselves. Male and female Mannequins such as the INDIVIDUAL, and ONE series, dominated by simple poses, with clean lines and unobtrusive features, facilitate an understated yet compelling presentation, focusing attention on the garments.

Trend 2: Interactive and Immersive Experiences

As the line between online and offline shopping blurs, brick-and-mortar stores are transforming into sensorial havens. Interactive displays and immersive settings are now essential for captivating customer interest. Mannequins play a key role in this transformation, redefining engagement through dynamic poses and displays that invite touch and interaction.

For example, the CLASSIC MODERN mannequin with movable joints offers great freedom of arrangement, allowing for endless possibilities in showcasing fashion and style.

Trend 3: Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Displays

Environmental consciousness is not just a consumer preference but a cultural and moral imperative that is driving the narrative of consumption. Visual merchandising in 2024-2026 will lean heavily towards green materials and practices. Eco-friendly mannequins crafted from sustainable materials, such as our recently introduced ABS mannequins, will be key to conveying the ethical stance of your brand. Did you know that ABS has 60% lower CO2 emissions compared to FRP and is 100% recyclable, unlike fibreglass?

Trend 4: Personalization and Customisation

Every shopper craves uniqueness, and visual merchandising is now taking personalisation of the in-store experience to new heights. By blending diverse materials and textures, dressing mannequins to reflect varied styles or body types deeply resonates with individualistic customers. For instance, one of our INDIVIDUAL Male mannequins, as well as its female counterpart, combines fibreglass, wood, and cotton. These exceptional combinations of materials have become highly coveted means of personal expression. Personalised mannequins, offering choices in skin tones, poses, interchangeable features, and even unique material blends, are also now in high demand. At MORE Mannequins, we provide a vast range of customisation options to elevate your distinctive style even further.

Trend 5: Technology Integration

Modern technologies are revolutionising the retail landscape, bringing innovative solutions to stores. In the near future, expect to see 3D printing utilised for store furniture and mannequins, allowing for customisable designs and enhanced shop displays. These advancements will elevate the shopping experience, blending technology seamlessly with the physical environment. As an example, take a look at our 3D printed torsos for the ICON series here.


Visual merchandising is an ever-evolving art form, dictated by the pulse of the market and the desires of the shopper. As we move into the years 2024 to 2026, the trends discussed are not just predictions; they are promises of what lies ahead. To stay ahead, keeping updated and investing in the right tools are no-brainers.

When it comes to fashion mannequins, they are not just the quiet audience to your fashion statement—they are the voice that resonates with your customers and tells them why your brand matters. Investing in premium mannequins means investing in the very fabric of your store's identity. So, as you plan your next move in the visual merchandising area, consider the mannequin not as a cost but as a canvas for your store's future success.

Unveil the potential of your fashion store with mannequins that do not just stand the test of time but fashion the future. Whether it is the silent confidence of a classic collections or the innovative allure of a tech-savvy series, ensure that your displays reflect the essence of your brand. After all, in the years 2024-2026, the silent language of visual merchandising will speak volumes about the choices you make—and the mannequins you choose will stand at the forefront of that conversation.