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Welcome to explore our new product - the realistic poseable mannequin! This flexible female mannequin with an abstract head is made of high-quality malleable material, allowing for free shaping in every body part. It's a unique solution that offers many positioning possibilities, making it incredibly versatile and ideal for various purposes, both for displays and educational settings.

Realistic Poseable Mannequin with Facial Features

This realistic poseable mannequin model comes in two color variations - flesh tone and a variant with makeup, which includes eye, lip, and eyebrow detailing. This not only enhances the realistic appearance of the mannequin but also adds facial features, giving it even greater authenticity. It's a perfect solution for museums, art galleries, and other venues where displays require a heightened level of realism.

Realistic Poseable Mannequin Made of Malleable Material

Our flesh-toned realistic poseable mannequin is made of high-quality malleable material, allowing for easy and flexible shaping of the mannequin in any way desired. This makes it incredibly elastic and provides great freedom in creating various poses and movements, enabling dynamic presentations and displays that capture the attention of visitors.

Unique Display Possibilities

Our flesh-toned realistic poseable mannequin is not just a standard display mannequin. With its exceptional display capabilities, it meets the diverse needs of customers. It can be used not only in stores or galleries but also in museums, schools, educational workshops, or any other locations where a creative approach to content presentation is required.

Pair it with the Male Realistic Poseable Mannequin

The flesh-toned poseable mannequin complements perfectly with our male counterpart, which is also available in our product range. Combining the female and male mannequins allows for creating comprehensive and realistic presentation scenes that are even more impactful and visually stunning.

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Chest 80 cm / 31,5 in


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