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An eye-catching, tall mannequin hat display with a long neck that draws attention and is awe-inspiring. Perfect for elegant boutiques, showrooms, jewellery and clothing shops. The A-ICN-HD3-90 mannequin hat display is a unique addition to in-store displays and a stunning element to any setting. It blends in perfectly with other displays from the MORE Mannequins range, especially those from the ICON Display collection. You can choose products with different neck lengths or majestic female hands that will perfectly present bracelets, rings, gloves.

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Jewellery mannequin head – specifications

Mannequin head female in the colour of old porcelain is made of a very durable material - fibreglass. The head faces straight ahead, and the intriguing element is the extremely long neck. Ideal for displaying chains, pendants, pearls, necklaces or scarves on it. The figure is slender and streamlined, looking very feminine. The holes in the ears make it possible to put on earrings, and it is also a very good jewellery mannequin head for both corrective glasses and sunglasses, hats, caps, wigs and hair accessories. The set includes a jewellery mannequin head and a grey base.

ICON DISPLAY - mannequin hat display

We use high-quality materials for our mannequins and take care of every detail. As a result, we can offer you unique, delightful products at extremely attractive prices. With our help you will create a beautiful display in your boutique, shop, showroom, salon. We guarantee maximum satisfaction and the fastest and safest possible delivery.

Data sheet

Height 90 cm / 35,4 cm
Material fibreglass
Colour special creame white RAL9001
Base round, metal


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