ICN-1 Elegant ladies' mannequin

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The unusual pose, the highest quality materials and the elegant appearance of the mannequins all mean that the displays we offer will dramatically transform the décor of your boutique and showcase. It is the unusual, eye-catching, yet top-quality luxury shop fittings that will make your customers feel special in your interiors.

Wondering which fixture to choose? Read our article, which we have created especially for you.

Elegant ladies' mannequin for luxury interiors

The two colour versions of the mannequin model - old porcelain and light beige - will perfectly complement elegant, luxurious interiors. Not only the colour scheme, but also the glossy or matte finish will work perfectly for displaying sophisticated styles. The non-stereotypical display pose is reminiscent of exclusive vogue mannequins. If you also want to introduce sophisticated, high-quality mannequins into your boutique, this model will work perfectly.

High-quality equipment for a luxury shop

Customers of your boutique appreciate not only high-quality, original products, but also the way you present them. Make sure to display your clothes on mannequins, which are also associated with prestige. We use high-quality materials for our mannequins - mainly reinforced fibreglass - so that each product impeccably adorns the interiors of clothing shops for years to come. In the set, along with the mannequin, you receive a glass base with calf attachment, gloves and corrective paint.

Elegant ladies’ mannequin with fast delivery to your boutique

Would you like the original poses of our vouge mannequins to decorate the interior of your boutique, concept shop or clothing shop? We guarantee fast order processing and rapid delivery. Choose the mannequin model that has stolen your heart and contact us to arrange all the details.

Data sheet

Height 194 cm / 76,4 in
Chest 82 cm/ 32 in
Waist 60 cm / 23,6 in
Hips 89,5 cm / 35 in
Shoe size 38 / 5 UK
Heel 9 cm / 3,5 in
Gender female
Brand Persona Premium
Material fibreglass
Colour special creame white RAL9001, special white matt RAL9010
Base glass, round (B-G1)


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