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The semi-realistic Teenage Boy Mannequin with subtly spread hands has been created for the aesthetic display of children's clothing. It will be perfect both on the shop window of an exclusive boutique and in its interior.

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The mannequin is made of high-quality fibreglass in a versatile light colour. The shade and smooth texture allow for a minimalist display with a realistic feel. This combination will beautifully display the garments from your collections on display.

The full-figure, semi-realistic Teenage Boy Mannequin has an upright posture, his head facing the viewer. Every detail has been taken care of. The gently upward curving hands indicate the lightness and subtlety of the figure. Such a display is fantastic for elegant styles. The positioning of the arms along the body allows for a simple, classic way of presenting the collection, even with the most fanciful designs. The G-necked model has the hands in an overstretched form, which suggests a feminine figure. Great for Kids display stores.

Where to buy a Teen Mannequin? Mannequin manufacturer UK

The minimalist pose and gentle face of the ID Collection Teen Mannequin will attract the attention of children and parents visiting your studio. Thanks to the simplified anatomy of the mannequin, any collection will be perfectly displayed on it. The semi-realistic children's mannequin will prove useful as a display not only of girls' styles, but also of unisex clothes. It will complement your atelier, adding a cheerful energy to any arrangement.

Aesthetically pleasing Kids display stores

Chic, class and elegance - do you want your brand to be associated with these terms? Emphasise them when presenting your latest collection. By choosing fibreglass Teen Mannequins, you will be sure to make your exhibitions and displays are aesthetically pleasing.

Teen Mannequins - Short lead time

Are you looking for a stand for Kids display stores? Do you want your showcase to impress with youthful style? At MORE Mannequins, we make sure short delivery times. Contact our account manager and ask about the availability of the KNP5-G model.

Data sheet

Height 112cm / 44in
Chest 56cm / 22in
Waist 51cm / 20in
Hips 57cm / 22.5in
Shoe size 17 / 1,5
Gender children's
Colour flesh-colored
Base glass, round (B-G3)


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